Goldman Sachs

These two works are constantly at the top of the list of jobs better paid you think it is an accident? The employees of the Goldman Sachs – the largest investment banking firm firm have an average salary of: $622,000 per year! It is not an accident in these super well paying jobs is that they both have something in common: high education level about money both works require of what should be the highest level of education and training about money and how it works in the world. Therefore, it is no coincidence that these high levels of education necessarily carried high levels of income. Now it’s time to close your own money gap! If you’re not where you want to be in your financial life, then it is important to close the gap and begin the road to create the success you want, start with your financial education. Use the following exercise to identify your money gap and put an action plan to close it. Answer the following three questions to begin taking control of your money, your wealth and your life:-first question: what your myth of personal money about money and wealth (the programming that you received from child and youth) that affects everything you think and do with the money? -The second question: what is the gap between where you are now with respect to money and wealth and where would you be in the future? -Third question: what is your plan of action now to achieve the important knowledge you need so you can take control of this critical area of your life? I hope that after reading this series of articles you’ve become aware of the importance of financial education and acquire knowledge about money and how they work so that you can close the gap and create success and wealth you want in your life. For starters, I invite you to visit the download page for free books on my Blog, where you’ll find the best written books to guide you on your path to freedom Financial, hope that you read them carefully and start to put into practice the lessons and tips that you find in them.

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