Golden Mountain

Although conscientious of the veracity of the words of the father, Alberto did not leave to feel fort emotion with the paternal support. Teletransportou it infancy not very longnqua, looked at the father lovingly and said: _ Obliged, papa! To its they make me very words well. I was needing an injection of this type, doctor! He joked, to break the tension of the moment, little if mattering with the presence of the engineer, what he found until opportune. Thus it would perceive the existing friendship between father and son and only would think two times before wanting to doubt its word. He used to advantage the chance to leave and he said, like farewell: _ Please, Dr. Charles, would like it thought that you about what I also asked and to change to some words with Mr. the respect, and who knows will not arrive at a common denominator and discovers the cause of as many murders in Itajub! _ Where? _ Desculpe! It was divagando, and I must have said something _ Was not something! I very heard well Itajub that wants to say YELLOW ROCK, in the TupyGuarany language! Where he learned this? _ Ah! He must have been some of the indians who taught to me! I do not know _ Here it is something that interests really me! Why an indian would teach this term to it without one meant special? I can know this indian? To speak with it? _ Vou to try to remember who was. I do not understand it wants what you to say! _ I can know the least if this was the cause of the question that was made today, to if relating the deposit in Golden Mountain range? _ My inquiries are as a bedspread of remnants that I intend to sew very soon.

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