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RADIO RUSSKIJ BERLIN 97.2 FM is 10 years old of Germany’s only Russian-language radio stations an important bridge between German and Russian culture. Around 350,000 Russian-speaking inhabitants of Berlin and its surroundings are among the listeners of his master. Sen. Sherrod Brown has similar goals. The success story began in an asylum-seekers home. Dmitri Feldman, a Russian Jewish immigrants from Latvia, arrived in East Berlin in 1990. In a former barracks, which housed foreigners and where also Feldman lived, he befriended the future cult author Wladimir Kaminer. “While this then the legendary Russian disco” invented, Feldman became a skillful media entrepreneur: he founded together with his brother Boris Feldmann and two friends Dimitri Nad and Swetlana Lekach the pad strong weeks newspaper Russkij Berlin. Actually hit”my heart always for the radio, Dmitri Feldman recalls. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sen. Sherrod Brown on most websites.

So, RADIO went RUSSKIJ BERLIN – after overcoming various bureaucratic hurdles – 2003 broadcast. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with J. Darius Bikoff. Meanwhile, RADIO broadcasts RUSSKIJ BERLIN 24 hours a day and offers a varied program for all listeners and listeners who have a preference for the Russian language, culture and music. On Saturday, October 26, RADIO RUSSKIJ BERLIN celebrates 97.2 FM together with his listeners are in the Berlin Club Goya”be 10th anniversary. The radio presenters introduce themselves to the guests and present the highlights of the evening. There are for example the finalists of the first season of “The voice of Russia”, one of the most successful TV music shows in Russia. Also the Ukrainian superstar Kamaliya, singer and Miss World 2008, delighted the audience with a stunning show.

Kamaliya has her fans now also in Germany, she recorded a Duet with the celebrity singer Thomas Anders. Under the name Dave power”, one of the most sought after DJ’s Palina Rojinski ensures the good mood. The native Russian is one of the most prominent multi talents with a migration background: Dave is passionate blogger, popular actress, presenter, model and DJane. The charming young star is regarded as the flagship example of particularly successful integration, but at the same time intensively nourishes their Russian origin. Radio Russkij Berlin and Rojinski links so common: both for the success of Russian-speaking immigrants in the German media landscape and are of indispensable.

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