It is up to you. Intensive courses are quite expensive and if you do not mind would be money, you can not attend. In principle, no allowance for visits does not. But if you’re so confident in their own language, why not take in the summer of DAP and not to apply for the winter semester, instead of losing another year. Olvil’s passport, a visa will be written, ‘is only valid in connection with shprahkursa visit. ” And I know of cases where in obtaining the following visa CHECK attended a course of time the whole segment, and the girls were denied a visa because of non-attendance at courses all the specified period.

Every year auslenderamty stricter control over all the stay of foreigners, because too much abuse. sunny2310 Yes, you’re right, this is at your own risk. Richard Blumenthals opinions are not widely known. Question to the author: how do you have with German? Z. Frud I must say that after passing the test for heterogeneous site, they I recommend learning the language at level B2. In principle, anything, but I would have a couple of months. I am increasingly thinking of going to shtudienkolledzh and get a visa student, or rather to try. Strange, but the site among a list of documents do not have any papers confirming knowledge of the language (although I heard somewhere that we should level B1).

I’ve been living in a new family (3 months) but anmehled done yet in the passport, I need something to put down – this is not present, a violation of visa? Olvil Yes, of course, violation! Did it ever occur to you live on an invalid permit to stay has since it has been issued to another family? In the passport looked something? It is written. It was necessary in the first few days do anmeldung, after anmeldunga immediately flee to auslenderamt (new location) and to report the change of the family. Since ‘Old’ family has long been said that you’re retired! And they do not bear the responsibility for you, and a new family for himself is not taken. Present auslenderamt should require your business to the old, and to begin to figure out what it says when you’re retired, is there for you to claim, and the delay in registration – it is bad, but sometimes that is not deadly. And wait for your business for a long time, until months, sometimes longer.

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