General Staff

The army said, and talk a lot in the media, youth, military personnel. Opinions more than plenty, from clearly negative. In that, they say, make our army, the soldier is freed from clothes to kitchen, from cleaning the area and part of the etc. "Not the army, and a children's garden" The sun! "- Are self-serving and have experienced" all the hardships and privations of military life. " On the other hand the supporters of reform, proving that the soldiers now will now not with a rag or broom, and the entire head is immersed in the process of training and development of new military and academic specialty. But, anyway, the problem is, there is food for thought as to the generals of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence and for all of us, and most importantly to recruit himself. Societal attitudes toward the army are different.

If older people with some degree of piety are to have completed the boys, men shake hands believing it "men" and not beardless youth. That the young people themselves are not particularly eager to serve the motherland. And as a result that does not appeal, the main problem is deviators. Which according to official data had accumulated more than 200,000 thousand people. The reasons why young people do not want defend the country set, and not very objective. One of which is the fear of losing their jobs or fear, on the contrary do not find her after the service.

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