General Energy

The current world in which our life develops requires the presence of many means for power generation to meet the needs of electricity consumption in order to meet so many obligations and processes that must be met in the journal live. One of the sectors that most makes use of electric energy sources are different manifestations of the industrial sector, which due to its field of action the presence of lack of energy is of great impact for their development. Before this various companies and other sectors of the societies around the world have resorted to a machine which allows not to rely on the companies providing the service of electrical energy and is the electrical generator which is a great machine that through a process of transformation of mechanical energy can reach the electrical energy. Must be taken into account that the same electrical generators that are used in some large industrial companies, are the same intended by power plants in the world attached to any company the electricity service provider. To speak of an electrical generator referred to a machine capable of maintaining a difference in electric potential between a few points that make up this kind of machines; such points are those who are called pole or terminal, this allows that the transformation of mechanical energy to electrical process can be.

The result that should provide generators manages to get through a process in which occurs the action of a magnetic field on various present in all electric generator electrical conductors, these electrical conductors are prepared on a suit of armor. So if it comes to power generator a mechanical relative motion between magnetic fields and the drivers generated electromotive force that eventually will be electrical power. Speaking of electric generators, 2 General groups of this type can be found in machines, which divides the classification in primary and generators electric generators electric secondary. -Which refers to the primary electrical generators, they are those who are able to generate electric power by means of other energies offered by nature such as the force that provides water, which located the generators power hydroelectric dams, in cases that used the force of the air masses located electrical in the Park wind generatorsso by the mechanical force that can give the forces of nature in electric generators is achieved give the transformation of electrical energy; -Secondary electrical generators are those that first need some measure of power in order to start your process, therefore deliver something electric power which have previously received. As you can see the electrical generators are fundamental in society tools since they allow access to the electrical energy that is so necearia in any society, whether that rely on energy from nature or that they have to make use initial electrical energy.

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