Frederic Mitterrand

But there are other hypotheses. Consists of the successes of Spanish sport since 1992 hither have come from the hand of our economic development. And that now, with a harder and more durable than that of other countries, crisis will begin the negative streak. Everything can be, since, if there is no money for the payment of mortgages, for the investment of the companies, for the summer holidays, for municipal budgets, are why you have for the sport? It is still too early to tell. The different sporting results the response give us in about a year. The art of political revenge say that, little by little, the Government of Patxi Lopez is changing in the Basque country directors, College. What could there be explained by the previous nationalist exacerbation happens also in Nunez Feijoo’s Galicia, of very different political components.

It’s the art of partisan revenge affecting in this country, after alternating agreed by Canovas and Sagasta in the 19th century, until the ushers in the ministries. The same thing happened in the turbulent Italy of three decades ago, with cabinets of very laborious birth and which then lasted just a few weeks. For this reason, the lucid journalist Indro Montanelli ironic with that country was only stable when he was without a Government. Instead, in France or Britain, with highly consolidated States, already can produce an electoral revolcon that the country will remain the same. In France, thanks to stable public administration output of ENA, and in the United Kingdom thanks to the civil servants, civil servants who reach the highest levels. Something like that would be desirable among us, where the arrival of tripartite catalan power left in the street thousands of Jordi Pujol plugged to make room for new proteges. I do not aspire to happen here as with Sarkozy, which uses prominent Socialists like Kouchner, Rocard, Strauss-Kahn and even Frederic Mitterrand. But of that to our usual political beheadings there is an abyss. Original author and source of the article.

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