Five Golds

One of the less auspicious cards in circulation of the free tarot perhaps five golds. If there is just a concept that reflects the meaning of this mystery that would be of financial loss, humiliation, with damage to self-esteem. Like a dog that bites the tail, or a long way where the beginning and the end are at the same point, this arcane tells us that the material losses are often an outside reflection of a loss inside, something that we ourselves have lost as people. Poverty itself is not the real misery that reflects this letter. There is a spiritual loss that often precedes or accompanies the loss of material wealth.

The real conflict recycle that frequently, the material problems must be resolved prior to the spiritual problems, since their urgency is much greater. A person can spend several years looking for his true path, but if you don’t have where to sleep or eat, or is walking disoriented by snow, as shown in this deck, what is at stake is the life itself. This letter teaches us many faces of misfortune and lack of material means: not only speaks of the loss of funds and total poverty, sinotambien of the sickness, unemployment and loneliness. As compensation, however, tells us that emotions are often the cause of these situations. Greed is often, which leads to the loss of all our material goods.

The desire to have more than what we really need can lead us to make wrong decisions, risking everything, because we have lost sight of this fundamental notion that tells us that in reality happiness can be found with little: a plate of food, a helping hand, a warm bed where to stay. This letter revealed in the free tarot reveals a series of highly spiritual meanings. It personifies the dark soul night, when the person walks stumbling in the dark, because you can no longer see the light that shines within. But, as all the cards of the tarot, it also has a positive message, and is the remind us that salvation is not away, despite the fact that at that time cannot be seen it. When this letter is exposed, it announces that surely some kind of material loss is soon to happen. Consequently we have to concentrate on caring for our soul, much more valuable and sacred.

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