Executive Committee

Currently, redevelopment of apartment – this configuration change, which requires special authorization replanning apartments. When remodeling the majority of cases transferred, dismantle interior partitions, rework doorways, being finished for additional space (closets and kitchens), increase the room. However, be aware that the landlord in a building will be owned only one part of the apartment, which is indicated in the data sheet. This means that the elevator shafts and lofts, as well as other facilities that provide vital functions of the house, are the common property of all residents. The Law of Ukraine ‘On Property’ states that use and dispose of that property can only be with the consent of all owners. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ohio Senator. Also according to the Housing Code, replanning, reconstruction of housing can only be done in order to increase improvement of housing facilities, but with the consent of the local administration, the owner, as well as all family members who are adults.

Therefore, we can see that the reconstruction of housing is not individual business, such as a license for construction. To accomplish this fad have to go very time-consuming procedure that can go on for half a year, which requires that the landlord is not only a lot of money funds, but also a lot of patience and nerves. Draw up redevelopment dwelling need not after repair, and in front of him. The first thing the owner of an apartment in the district administration should apply for a permit redevelopment. Accordingly, article 152, “Housing Code of Ukraine ‘improvement and redevelopment of apartment that that is someone’s property, made after the approval of the Executive Committee. When you decide to engage in redevelopment of the apartment is quite important to determine the technical feasibility of the changes that must take place. To do this, first of all need to examine the walls, and communication. By study is composed of technical finding that you can perform re-planning.

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