English Parliament

Military experience Oliver Cromwell leaned on the side of the monarch in the beginning, but in 1644 (15) he was appointed by the majority as general of the armies of Parliament and led to the triumph defeating him definitely Carlos I who takes refuge in Scotland, where he remained until 1647 and after refusing to sign the Declaration of principles mentioned is given by the Scots to the English Parliament. But as often happens in these cases, a time that the victors ended the fighting drifted between if by their religious differences. London had majority of Presbyterians and Cromwell representing the independent (16). Parliament signed peace with Carlos I, but Cromwell’s troops unhappy with the resolution, under the command of a Colonel named Pride broke into the same and expelled violently to the Presbyterians of the House of Commons, leaving the legislative body reduced to a minority who responded to Cromwell. These processed to the King and was sentenced to death on gallows and Carlos I died beheaded on 30 January 1649. (9) It is said that the Queen on his deathbed nodded with a gesture that Jacobo IV of Scotland outside his successor to hear his name, but his State of unconsciousness caused by his agony suggests that single was a grimace that was probably intended to express all the contrary, but that was interpreted by those present as a gesture of conformity, since Isabella died within a few hours.

Whatever that gesture, the importance of their interpretation by those who were present lies in two fundamental aspects, the legitimacy of the succession and avoid a possible war for the throne of England as the lived one hundred years ago. Occurs in this way the real union between Scotland and England under the figure of a King himself. (10) The Catholics proved hardest with the persecutions of Jacobo I, so trying to put an end to the strife in 1605 carried out an attack on the monarch who is known as the gunpowder conspiracy, because they placed barrels so that they exploded causing the death of the sovereign.

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