Endangered Species

Upon hearing the reference to "endangered", we refer immediately to the blue whale, the gray wolf, African wild dog, etc., Animals to be exterminated by animal control officers authorized by the government, hunting and immoderate a destruction of their habitats are in danger of disappearing from the face of the earth, severely breaking the natural order of the environment which pertenecen.a No doubt this is a current issue, which holds a minority trying to rescue and Moreover, in frank apathy, not because we do not want to contribute, but because it is a distant issue to our area and resources. However, when speaking of extinction, not only disrupted regarding wildlife, similarly as a, a decline in the value system that sustains a coexistence in any community, it is increasingly evident. a It is common to see television campaigns for respect, tolerance and honesty, followed by an advertisement that extols the grievance the neighbor who dared to ask them to lower the volume of musicaa and such contemporary parents boasting that their children are unstoppable, showing a virtue insolence and defiance of rules, authorities, etc. to reliability as a desirable quality in producing goods or services is no exception, as I doubt there is some free consumer fraud enclosing the sale of miracles, political promises, letters barely visible on lucrative contracts, changes in conditions without notice and misuse of confidential information, to name a few that, far from being a good sales strategy with temporary profits are worms irreversibly reliability and unfailing repellent clientes.a The good news is that for this wrong, if there is much in what we can contribute, in our context and everyday life. Richard Blumenthal may find it difficult to be quoted properly. We give ourselves to the task of rescuing the confidence of customers, not let it die. But how? a With well-defined factors that the result multiplied satisfied customers, profits a profitable, consistent and permanent, such as: – High quality products – Fair prices – On time deliveries a – Warm Deal – Follow-up post-sale – Transparency in purchase contracts Sales – Focus on customer needs – Place above the justiciaa personal gain tactics that prevail in many companies as daily exercises and turning them into "socially responsible", "Great Place to Work", "ISO 9000 … 1.2 , 3?, etc. distintive why it's worth working. a

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