Elements for Understanding Politics

Well with these elements we can understand more clearly the policy to and subscribe to the ideas of the administration and the socio – political and justification of power and this will give us insights into public decisions and that the public is opposed to them or defend them. So these features allow us to understand that the idea as intangible production exists only as one who thought is the idea then developed and designed interior form, although one who conceives he has created by physical contact with material reality.

The “matter” that composes the idea is materialized in the form and content, here we found that production of the idea comes from, objective situations, designed by a thinking subject, thought to apprehend this individual and must end in the expression of that thought a communicative action. Well follow these things as the idea of politics arises in humans, rather theoretical: A. An objective situation “Juvenile delinquency in the framework of exclusion” “Undoubtedly, juvenile delinquency is one of the major social phenomena that our Companies have raised, and is one of the preferred international criminological issues since the last century, then, the manifestations of social behavior called negative attention can be observed, usually better among the young than in adults. It is also important to address juvenile delinquency today as tomorrow may adult crime. Juvenile delinquency is a global phenomenon, it extends from the far corners of the industrial city to the suburbs of large cities, from rich families or wealthy to the poorest, is a problem that occurs in all social classes and in every corner of our civilization. “(Taken from De Jesus Morant Vidal Date: July 2003 Source: Legal News) B thinker Specialist laws By presenting the constant violation of the laws by asking young people affected its ruling, increased foot d d strength, more rigid laws against juvenile crime.

C. That Thought Looking apprehending those involved understand the causes of this problem and as these causes are, build postulates arising from its constant reality, building on its inner sense ideas from subject specific. D. Expression of the thought of the conclusions on the subject be expressed in an expressive speech to be translated into rules to be established in practical actions and implementation of practical actions by the people in general and by the state in search of eliminate the problem. Thus we find different proposals say such a prevention and strengthening of family units, others said the targeted killing ruthlessly. The choice will be according to the internal structures that determine the external analysis. This policy can finally say is: “The Incarnation of the interpretation of reality in agreement between the internal (individual intangible) of the human being in accordance with the condition in their social reality (tangible and social.)”

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