Educacion Superior

Shortly you can fool everyone, all the time you can fool some, but not all the time you can fool everyone. John Fitzgerald Kennedy the reality of the present in the Venezuelan case, presents a scenario very particular, very different from which has been accustomed, because today manifests a great turbulence, uncertainty in topics that are very significant for any country, as it is the economic, political, social, legal certainty, justice, health, education, to name a few. All this is a consequence of a radical change that has occurred in recent years, when he took the driving power, the Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, who has been identified with what he called socialism of the 21st century, inspired in some respects with the revolutionary ideas of Simon Bolivar, until the end, which gave life to what is known as the Bolivarian revolution. The truth, that this has significantly influenced the lifestyle of the Venezuelan, in their quality of life, in many sectors such as business, health, housing, as well as where they are interested in addressing education, specifically at their quality of higher education, which at the present time, leaves a great deal to say. Very valid that thereon points Juan Carlos Callejas, that quality has become a major concern in the field of higher education.

And this because the satisfaction of the needs of society and the expectations raised by higher education depends ultimately on the quality of the teaching staff, programs and both students as the University environment and infrastructures. The search for quality have multiples aspects, measures to enhance the quality of higher education should be aimed at improvement of the system itself and institutional objectives. There are many Venezuelan universities, whether public or private in that it shows the absence of academic, significantly influencing the training quality, training of professionals adapted to the needs of the present, since is clearly noticeable in many of them, absence of efficient, effective, productive, University Management to ensure academic excellence.

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