Which the ambient impacts suffered by this ecosystem in the beach from Good Trip (coastal pernambucano south) in recent years and its future perspectives?Recife of chorale, under the geomorflogico point of view, is a rocky, rigid, resistant structure the action of the waves and chains sea, and constituted of carrying marine organisms skeleton calcareous rock. However the reefs of chorales seriously are threatened. They is esteem that 27% of reefs of chorales in the coast of Pernambuco already had been degraded of irreversible form. In the rhythm current forecasts indicate a similar loss will occur in next the 30 years. The threat to sea biodiversity, occurs mainly when this ecosystem this being pointed as the first and bigger ecosystem to suffer significant impacts, provoked mainly for climatic changes. The phenomenon of branqueamento of the chorales deserves unquestionable attention, has as .causing the global heating, provoked for an increase of the temperature of the water, (above 280 C) increase of the photosyntheses and toxin release, causing the death and consequentemente a disequilibrium in this ecosystem.

Perhaps the progress proposal brought necessarily for Pernambuco in the South coast, the Port of Suape, Added to this engenhoca of the man came one of the biggest ambient crimes already seen in our state. With great ratios, it had visibly ambient disequilibrium with the destruction and I fill with earth of manguezais and dinamitao of a reef population of chorales. But if it was not still enough has other threats as: the disordered tourism, this then has been reason of concern to the ambient agencies. The impacts provoked for human uses it fishes as it predatory, the pollution, the indiscriminate diving, also speed up the degradation of this ecosystem. The reefs of chorales are to the base of the survival, species, also pelgicos, that ' ' they do not live in corais' ' , but they use its outskirts for reproduction.

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