Economy Politics

General vision century XXI presents us a photograph of a world sufficiently changed and in constant transformation. The current scene reveals a indeed arrasadora econmica situation. It has many people in the unemployment, world-wide the econmica crisis, initiate, one more time, in the United States of America, is creating a chaotic situation. Countries as Portugal, Greece and Italy today live a difficult situation. The new world-wide order, in the context of the globalization, is promoting a scene black. Problems as the bankruptcy of States, high tax of unemployment, terrorism and clandestine immigration create a world of uncertainties. For even more details, read what Sen. Sherrod Brown says on the issue. Thus being, the new agenda world-wide politics direcciona in the direction of the States of the center to look for to keep the control and the domination of States of the periphery. For another one, currently the return of the old times is attended.

The old metropolises look for to return to the domain of its old territories, for better if providing with the resources necessary to strengthen its economies. Although the old colonizadoras powers to have granted to independence politics, them had kept the econmica domination. Thus, the economy always was the reason of the settling and descolonizao. The colonizadoras powers descolonizaram to prevent the economic pack and financial resultant of the administration of the colnias. Descolonizar was an imperative necessity of the new times. In other words, politician had itself to be transferred to the power to autctones keeping the control of the economic sectors as the Board, insurances, industries and commerce.

Therefore, in all the times, the great concern of the States was: How to improve the performance of the economy? Fond here, one asks if it places: what we assign for economy? 1. ECONOMY POLITICS 1.1. ECONOMY POLITICS In the Portuguese language, the word ' ' economia' ' it can mean three things different: i) To make economy? it means to save, to reduce expenditures.

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