Earth Construction

Thermo is the domestic replacement for tropical timber. In recent years, rethinking took place at the customer and increasingly natural and eco-friendly building materials were required. Wood has a variety of ways, which make possible a modern and at the same time robust design with its unique features and unparalleled biodiversity. Appropriate species must be chosen depending on the wood characteristics and application, because not every wood equally well suited for timber construction. The types of wood and wood-based materials for the construction of outdoor must have strength and portability, high dimensional stability and natural durability in outdoor applications. Native types of wood without modification cannot meet these requirements, most of the time.

So mostly tropical Woods or chemically protected species were until the last time especially in the outdoor area. Thermo wood is an environmentally-friendly and ecological alternative to tropical wood in thermally and without the use of any chemicals treated wood that meets all requirements for use in outdoor areas. The Thermowood creates a special thermal process, mostly from the indigenous species. By heating the wood structure changed so that wood as a result can absorb much less water, as before. Often the Thermowood referred to due to its unique properties gained as local tropical wood. The durability and resistance of the Thermoholzes allows its use in wet outdoor areas, such as banks, the canal construction and boat building. This is especially Thermo beech, which is also also very exclusive. The Thermo is resistant to weathering and pest-resistant, which is why it is often used for terraces, fences, garden furniture, facades, Windows and balconies.

Thanks to the high resistance of the Thermoholzes against wood-destroying fungi and pests it can be used in direct contact with the Earth, it is neither chemical nor constructive wood protection required. The internal tension in the wood is reduced during the thermal process, which greatly reduced sources, shrinkage, and bowls of wood, which in turn makes the suitability of this material for floors and parquet, planks and panels both in the bathroom and sauna construction. After the thermal treatment to improve not only technical characteristics of wood, but there are also brand new trendy shades. The entire Optics looks particularly elegant thanks to the silky shine. Thermo ash Gets a golden shade, and is often used in furniture construction. Thermo ash and Thermo beech are used in the manufacture of kitchens and kitchen worktops, windowsills, and benches. Because the Thermo is treated only with heat and without any chemical additives, it is environmentally and ecologically and suitable for indoor use. The range of thermally treated wood is diverse and offers the final quality both with Thermo beech, Thermo pine, Thermo Birch ThermoRadiata pine, how also for Thermo ash.

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