The reasons for this – global warming, the increasing incidence of natural disasters, depletion of nonrenewable mineral resources, the extinction of large number of species of living organisms and plants. Just look at what air we breathe, what water we drink, how to shorten the duration of human life. The passivity of government measures to change the situation leads to serious thought: what would happen to nature, man and all life on earth in the future? The education system is only available in the law, but in reality, for admission to the school budget and to train in it, turns out to be not only a 'light mind' with bright ideas, but do not lean pocket, as well, with a salary of teachers? Yes, and competition between applicants considerable, and here it turns out you want to learn out with it, and No – because there is still a lot of visitors. So how does the state will receive a staff of smart and competent professionals, not those who have learned to 'free' money for the parent, but my head is no boom-boom '? The media in Chasing income jumped all reasonable limits. Show everything that can and can not, by expanding our society immorality, immorality and irrationality. Violence, drugs, pornography, were the main subjects Modern television and other media, which generates a moral and spiritual expansion of the Russian people, the destruction of our culture and art, and with it an increase in crime. What the same moral and ethical traits will have a future generation of Russians who grew up in this madness? STOP! That enough is enough. .

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