Douglas McGregor

These systems exist in all the organizations, each one with its contextual and particular form of being. All possess a high possibility of success, since that duly planned to adjust it the new and emergent conditions of work. In the primrdios of organizacional psychology the systems of behavior in the companies had as objective to recognize, and to manipulate in the possible measure do, the 0 variable of the actions human beings more significant than affected the longed for results. This initial target migrou for the study, understanding and ampler concern of the directions and manifestations of the human being in its daily work, such as: organizacionais changes, interpersonal administration of people, qualification and development, conditions and hygiene in the work, and relations. The new set of concerns of organizacional psychology and the work leads more positive results and can be observed through the individual performance of each collaborator, for the personal and professional satisfaction, and above all, for the personal and interpersonal development.

The personal development, by the way, is very important, a time that the acquired knowledge and abilities spontaneously are lead for the particular life, thus generating so desired empregabilidade continued. According to MAILHIOT (1976, P. 66), the productivity of a group and its efficiency narrowly are related not only with the ability of its members, but, over all with the solidarity of its interpersonal relations. However, each organization differs in the nature of the adopted systems and in the resulted consequences reached for them. These results, deriving of the different models of organizacional psychology, constitute a system of certainties that dominate the thought and that they affect direct and instantaneously the administrative cases. It is necessity that the managers know to recognize the nature, meaning the effectiveness of its proper managemental models. Douglas McGregor was one of first the scholars to call the attention for the managemental models.

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