Dangerous Industrial Objects

Hazardous facilities are subject to mandatory registration, all data on all gco stores in the State Register of dangerous industrial objects. Improper performance of their duties gco owners of compliance of industrial safety is to bring administrative charges and litigation (Federal Law "On industrial safety of dangerous production obektov'-116, Article 16, p.4). (A valuable related resource: Richard Blumenthal). Go to "hazardous production facilities" include site organization or department, the sections in which: 1) – is working with hazardous substances, 2) – use the equipment, 3) – use lifting machinery of equipment, 4) receive molten ferrous and nonferrous metals, 5) – mining operation is underway. Stages of the registration statement of GCO: Phase I. Identification of GCO; Phase ii. Matching card account GCO; Stage iii. Revisions to the State Register of dangerous object.

Identification and registration of dangerous objects: Preliminary Round (to contract):-expert advice and the definition of a list of necessary documents in accordance with your specific activity. Stage of the workflow (after signing the contract):-for the identification of gco (if necessary) Expert consultation support in (if necessary). -Collection basic and lacking permits gco. Peer-review compliance with the collected documentation requirements of Russian legislation, licensing requirements and conditions.

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