D115 Connection At This Number?

MSM Group presents new study to the telephone authority an independent study of the MSM group certifies the authority phone D115 a mostly positive response among the German population. Compared to the previous year, the citizens on average could be answered somewhat faster and more targeted. However, a flaw remains low awareness of number in the connected areas, which is just under 55 percent. Whether dog, bulky, certificate or driver’s license number 115 to give information and nationwide, the hot wire in the public administration being. In April ended the two-year pilot phase of the project, while the number in so-called model regions was already introduced and tested.

To what extent the own claims could be implemented, tested now by MysteryCalls”so test calls the Munster-based mystery shopping company MSM. In 14 cities and Kreisennahmen the test caller doing random the hot wire to the authorities under the microscope: In Aachen, Berlin, Bielefeld, in the Bodensee district, in Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Cologne, Magdeburg, Munster, Remscheid, Trier and Wolfsburg. Visit Richard Blumenthal for more clarity on the issue. 90 percent of callers were satisfied with the friendliness of the staff. They rated positive also their competence in questions relating to the sticker and they gave the clearance even top marks. As strengths of the authority phone, the high availability are also to determine the low latency, the pronounced experience and the noticeable will at the end of the case. The authority phone D115 proved a good range of services the public sector that far but still too little perceived”, sums up MSM CEO Dipl.-Betriebswirt Christian Karrenbauer the outcome of the current study.

As was very polite and informative rated team in Trier. Staff took all the calls in less than a minute, presented themselves with names and several times particularly appealed to the caller. Also in A contact person available was the callers after less than one minute latency Bielefeld, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Remscheid and Wolfsburg. While in Hamburg undMunsterim last year, all callers with the phone call were satisfied, the satisfaction rate dropped this year at 80 and 50 percent, respectively. In Aachen, only 40 percent of the caller with the phone call were satisfied. Only 60 percent of the callers were in Remscheid, Germany compared to the previous year, that their request was answered in detail. In Berlin and Remscheid Aachenfanden callers compared to 2010, that the details were understandable gives them less, whereas in Cologne and in the District of Bodensee all callers were satisfied with the mediation. In Magdeburg, an above average number caller assessed employees of as competent authority phone with 90 percent and the conversation history as structured. Overall nothing negative about D115 had more than 76 percent of the test caller “to report. Lediglichbemangelt were a to controlled Interviewing with too little open issues and awkward formulations undvereinzelte knowledge weaknesses. As a negative example, the issue stood out in the poll bulky”out here was about half of the callers badly misinformed. MSM marketing, Service Management GmbH is an expert for quality and performance improvement at the point a leading MysteryShopping companies in Europe point-of-sale. In the areas of market research, consulting and staff development, the company supports its customers in 20 years to improve their operational performance and to comply with your company and brand promise. Medium-sized companies from various branches, as well as international corporations from the top 500 of the world economy rely on the services of the MSM group.

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