Czech Embassy

In the news media, unfortunately, is illuminated only joint work of Russian travel agencies and consulates Czech Republic on such matters as the issuance of tourist visas, the timing of their consideration, and changes in the visa fee, and, as generally described the difficulties of travel agencies and tourists. But the situation with the citizens who move to permanent residency or a long-term visas (for example – a business visa, work visa, business visa) or remains in the shadows or highlights .Hotelos to note that in the case of short-term tourist visa, all obligations on filing a package of documents assumes the travel agency with which the tourist is concluded contract. And in the case of registration papers required to obtain long-term visa (residence permit) records on the issue foremost in the embassy rests entirely on relocating to the Czech Republic. Record deteriorated in June 2007, when The Czech government introduced new regulations and restrictions on the monthly number of people applying to the package of documents for the Czech Rentals. The twentieth day of each month was a peak in the number of calls to record all, despite the fact that the call was paid. From that day on, the majority wanting to get into the embassy on the "emigration to the Czech Republic has already just do not have the opportunity to reach there on time and thus prolong his deadline. Obtained a paradoxical situation: collect all necessary papers needed to obtain long-term visa can not apply them in a timely manner. .

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