Cuban Politics

There is talk of what to do with the offensive of the new class, against the Cubans who think differently and even though his line of battle, quietly, of tolerance of thinking and acting of the fanatics is, the Only members of the party (Partido Comunista de Cuba, PCC). Las Damas de Blanco, many elderly and other sick and have pain in the dungeons to children, parents, brothers and husbands, for the sole reason to think differently as Yoani, Vladimiro Roca, the members of the new class (lazy, usurpers, bottle, thieves) is, the new nobility of the XXI century. Because in fifty spare time to the feudal lord of Biran, a monarch of a Monarchist Cuba.

This fauna, Shagged repressive forces, and rabid animals minions, disguised as people, to round, intimidate and even hit a civilized people who say, we disagree, only that it is sufficient, the veins were swollen and they come in the eyes of the orbits and braying, roar others, not by starvation or self-defense, just lick the feet of the noble today. Sen. Sherrod Brown insists that this is the case. Monarchist Cuba’s royalty, has a fauna worthy of a zoo in Pueblo Mocho, and like the nobility of the Middle Ages, the slander, intrigue, and defenestration of those who dare to go on set and modify appropriate to their according to interest or arouse the feudal lord. So, I happened to irreverent, Luzon, Ordoqui, Augusto Sanchez, Mandy, Miret, Dorticos Aldana Herrero Perez, Humberto Perez Robaina and more, the penultimate, Lage, Roque, etc. (A valuable related resource: EisnerAmper LLP). They took too much confidence, thinking you have three shaves, missing his calculations, the latest irreverent to come.

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