Cuba Travel

The communist regime of Fidel Castro causes that Cuba is a country very different from which we know the European. One is a political regime based on the Comunism, in the disappearance of the private property; a regime in which everybody works for the state, has the covered basic needs, but no money nor whim. This situation causes that the Cubans constantly try to remove money from the tourists, reason why is necessary to consider several recommendations before visiting Cuba. From year 2004, no longer it is recommended to take dollars to Cuba, since it penalizes them to Fidel Castro with a 10% of surcharge in the change. The best thing is to take Euros and to change them in a bank from the country to the call convertible weight or CUC (popularly called chavito). The convertible weight is the local currency, has the same value that a dollar and can be changed of Euros to CUC without no type of penalty. In addition in Cuba the Cubano Peso exists, that only can use the Cubans. Its S-value very low.

The Cubans often try to give to the tourists the change in weights Cuban, eye with this. The convertible weights have their abbreviations (CUC) enrolled in tickets and currencies. In the chapter of the transport, the majority of tourists moves in taxi, because the public transport of the island is only for the Cubans, besides being very slow and unpredictable. We recommend that always the price is agreed to before starting, but considering that the normal tariff is very low (1 CUC by kilmetro at the most). They think that the pay paid by the state of a Cuban taxi driver does not surpass the 3 or 4 dollars to the month.

Cuba is a country where until most basic as a soap tablet is very difficult to find. We recommend to take to all the essential equipment of cleanliness and a small medicine kit (it is difficult to find equipment like plasters or aspirins). Also we recommended to take adpatador of current because this is of 110 volts (instead of the 220 that there are in Spain) and the plugs are different. The moving body because in Havana it works perfectly, although in the provinces of Cuba can be taken not as much. As far as the purchases, it is recommended that never it buys in the street pure, rum or coffee, because usually is a fraud. Although it is prohibited by the government, it will see Cuban by all the sides offering to him these articles, as well as to be its local guide, or to transfer them to the famous palates (particular houses that work like restaurants). Although it is recommended to go to some palate, it looks for one legal one, that there are many, and is never praised/poured off by which they offer to him in the street, because it is very probable that they timen to him. IF it wishes to obtain more data on Cuba, in our guide to travel to Cuba will be able to find interest information on these subjects, as well as on what visiting in Cuba or what to visit in Havana.

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