Crusaders Governor

In Blvuare Alex decided to leave the governor, who for twenty days, that the Crusaders will be in Belvoir, collect a little extra force to Alexis. Chapter 3, "the siege of Antioch," Twenty Days held at Belvoir flew by. And leaving behind the governor, who has equipped them additional unit and provided with food and water, the Crusaders go on. The next obstacle on the road to Jerusalem is Antioch. Antioch storm with its strong fortifications, it would not be easy.

Fortunately, Crusaders in the city has its own people. His efforts at the gate of the walls of St. George remains of the Crusaders and manages to capture the city. Intelligence reports that the city take turns going around a couple, three detachments of Turks. One detachment of about three dozen soldiers. But one of the teams is pretty big. Alex decides to defend the captured city, until it's help from the governor of Belvoir.

In the letter, which came from the governor in response, it was said that the reinforcements will arrive in two days. So, Alex distributes soldiers of the castle: at the gates, walls and towers. Meanwhile, about three miles already can see the army. While there is time, Alex tells to repair the gates and walls. Enemy force is a ten minute walk from the castle. The city is situated on the plain, so that Alexis would be beneficial to build a phalanx of his soldiers. He built a phalanx of spearmen, swordsmen with a pikenerov placed on the sides.

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