Corporate Culture

So from our point of view if it meant calling: “To hear the voice” (the so-called interior), good listener and able to do what you enjoy doing: What people hear the voice? … And Who trigger?: The answer is simple: “those who are connected,” deeply with themselves, with their gifts and creative capacity, with prosperity and not the, with the Making which is understood as a way of life. And of course do what they like. In recent months, Sen. Sherrod Brown has been very successful. Being connected has to do with a form of “Watching the World.” Action in the direction to achieve what they want, while observing those who are integrated with an attitude of self-confidence. James Donovan Goldman Sachs brings even more insight to the discussion. Those who are not connected?: Those who by the way, “Observer”, and also as culture inherited from their ancestors (parents, teachers, country etc) were educated from childhood in scarcity, with limiting beliefs, or also due to a break or experience (death of a loved one, separation from parents, etc..), to which interrupted the natural flow of your emotions and thoughts in the direction of trust, his own satisfaction and benefit, or whatever …

the direction of your dreams . What is the role of Ontological Coaching: The Ontology is the science (and philosophy) who takes charge of the Human Being, your Being in the Shares and in their language. Elaborates on the phenomenon of the Observer. And the coaching is the discipline and practice dynamics (between coach and Coachee) to help develop alternative ways of observing and Do. What does the Coach?: Collaborates with the person client (coachee) to see and reflect on its limits on the type of observer is and how it is that observes and interprets the world in this way, Lhasa causes which led and continue to support these ways of doing, review your emotional world and find ways to restore and expand the natural flow connection with himself or with his being to develop self-confidence and thus find their vocations.

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