I thought that it would be more rewarding to hear and answer criticisms and questions from people in general, without extensive knowledge on the subject, the opening and acceptance of the circumstances was bearing fruit, I realized that if one accepts the facts for what they are, here and now and delivered to the experience, the light emerges, soon I realized that it was perfectthings had to be so. Holistic education although strengthens every day and all that we now possess that vision, we know that there are more in this line have not had the care of contact with them as a group, as a Sangha composed by each Sangha or instructed group or instruction in education holistic, i.e. as the critical mass stated in the same Congress; extremely important fact if we consider that the holistic vision is a change of world view, of the Kosmos, addressed to each of the human beings on the planet, as they were run the papers, was giving to know the parts that make up this great Sangha, so harmonious that each celulita variety has itself same and how they are intertwined and integrated among if all small cells and form the greater cell. With facts, i.e., the presentations, the event put of manifest, while with them being built, the ties that unite us and the Congress reaffirmed them with recognition of all by all, such as individualities, as parts of a subgroup, and as components of the larger group, reunited the Sangha’s education holistic, joined efforts and the forces as a wholeestablished ties of belonging that strengthen the incidence of the holistic education in humanity, put into practice the irrefutable fact that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Giving me has all this, increase a grain of mustard, my consciousness, was very surprising to see and experience what was said as constituent part of the same, despite the fact that my participation was almost zero, I have never felt out of context and even less outside of my small cell, lived with each of the members of my beautiful group nerve, anxiety, responsibility, and pleased to be in front of the spectators, event was gradually transformed into our event, in fact closed, of belonging very clear, in conspiracy with the Kosmos towards the resignification of life, towards the development of respect and reverence for life, towards the flourishing, franco, loving being universal. .

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