Communication Or Pathology

COMMUNICATION OR PATHOLOGY? The gaze of Mr Garcia to the universe of the American South. Starts the saying: there is No worst tuerto, that who does not want to see. Believing that the problem of dissatisfaction that the town lacks is just a communication problem; between the State and unsatisfied majorities. The road travelled by the large majorities is to have realized who is at the top of the country’s leadership. He suffers from some mental illness or has an environment that give to know how wrong of reality. Let’s look at the situation of the national teachers that languishes for the wages of hunger that much suffering from tuberculosis and is the sector’s risk of all pandemics besetting mankind today.

But the more ironic is the chain of propaganda that is this investing for supposedly to publicize the benefits of this regime. Budget is already surpassing everything that has education sector this year. With the amount of money they spend to fatten their friends of the companies of telecommunications is had failed to double the money of meager salaries of teachers. But they follow on its heels and not cejaran in continue to spend much more to publicize what you don’t see in reality. When they talk about electrification to rural areas, are not the same peasant communities that have to pay where is that supposedly the State gives them, and then because of their meagre income stay again in the dark, I wonder where this progress? It is not for your friends entrepreneurs who are gaining in spades, sucking up the blood of my native peasant brothers?. Mentions thousands of houses that he built the State and private enterprise; but that doesn’t say that they are overvalued in excess than its true value many times arrives halfway through what this valued, but what we says that the deteriorated middle class has to borrow for up to three times the value that says value such ghosts of houses.

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