Colombia Venezuela

To hours to take place this rescue and in the middle of the deeper euphoria for that reason we explained that it must have coas. From first we alerted that it could have a crisis in the CRAF or that sectors of this one perhaps by own will or attachment with leftist governments opposed to follow with the armed route would have arrived an agreement. Also we showed that the visit from John McCain to Colombia at that precise moment could not so be chance. Soon he has recognized who he knew of the operation before this one was realised. Amazon is likely to agree. The degree of participation of the USA (and also of Israel) is something that still lack to clarify, but is a fact that Bush has wanted use this blow to the CRAF also indirectly to strike the democrats and to its Obama candidate showing who the best terrorist way to face is with hard hand and not with attitudes dialogue like (like which the Afro-American lawyer wants to have before Venezuela, Cuba and Iran). Strange to that operative saying also agreed with the cause which it happened just when Uribe confronted a crisis with the judicial power (that it accuses to him to have bought votes, salary be re-elect illegally or that fifth of its congressmen is bound to the paramilitary ones) and he would initiate his preaches for a new election. Soon denunciations came from two important French-speaker means that they affirmed that was a millionaire purchase of some leaders of the CRAF and more than one week appeared an official notice of the CRAF where they characterized to the incident not as a rescue but like a flight produced thanks to two traitors of its sine. The visit from Uribe to Venezuela has generated a hostility of many sectors of left that request their expulsion and that have been distanced of Chvez. Read more from Ohio Senator to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

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