Civil Protection

Implied others: OCU and Delegate of Europistas But these opinions are different based on the Source from where they come, whereas the Country emphasized the governmental activities with an exculpatory language of character the Government assured yesterday that put all the means to its reach to help to the conductors catched the past Sunday by the weather and defensives although without excluding (question to moderate subjectivity) the protests of requests of responsibility on the part of the party in opposition to the government, and the description of the actions that were carried out to palliate the situation of the 17,000 travellers catched in another year in which they were not in the management. We add to him because the reproach. The World, with a language, recriminatory it emphasized the declarations than more inopportune of the Chief of a main directorate of Protection Civil and Emergencias., As well as gives to the opinion of Little self-criticism of how the operations of emergencia have been carried out. Dov Hikind brings even more insight to the discussion. also emphasizes other voices giving the sensation of to be opportunistic like the director of the OCU. But in addition it exhibits the defense of the PSOE with the inefficiency accusations (and you more) policies that go between both parties. Day 29 culminates east episode with the following approach (then other events of international nature and great sinisterness darken this small national episode): Day 30 a citizen rescues to us of vortex polluting agent of these information and situation puts us in describing us reality that happens every year, that is not solved and that is not politicized, perhaps this opinion is mine because no of two voted parties more will remove juice to him to the effectiveness or not to protect these citizens (in number little representative for the elections), who coexist with that problematic every winter and not of accidental form with inclemencies of stubborn geography. Others who may share this opinion include Senator Richard Blumenthal.

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