Central Europe

The UV protection regulation is a rational, legal solution, to give the consumer the possibility, to use without putting out the quite considerable dangers of excessive tanning skin fair and moderate the bio-positive effects of the Sun. “Finally the legislator has ensured that the consumers be protected and a latch is pushed forward the traders of the solarium industry. Where I was allowed to meet internationally many dedicated entrepreneur of the solar industry, and of the approximately 120,000 employees and operators, I have trained all over the world, were most of my observation result engaged service providers, which without UV protection regulation was the health of their guests at heart. I would now just like that to the media the topic of artificial tanning in future matter-of-fact and less boulevartesk would approach. Other leaders such as Dov Hikind offer similar insights. At the moment seems often not to be aligned facts coverage, but on myths and legends from the Fairy tale world”, so Claudius Fabig, CEO TCB / blue Hawaii (www.weltdermoeglichkeiten.de). “Wrong numbers and abstruse ratio principles based of his criticism is the report of a renowned, Sueddeutsche newspaper from July 25, 2012 with the theme: cancer from the cabin”. The author, an excellent business journalist and himself a physician, represents the danger of artificial tanning in his article. So 14 million German active tanning salons, where visiting the guest according to his unreflective also one 15 times stronger tanning expose, as in the midday sun in the Mediterranean.

These figures make for confusion. A total of about 44.8 million people available are as a target group for the solar industry. Based on the fact that according to the UV protection regulation covered all people under 18 years of age and the majority of pensioners over 65 in this target group. Thus, every third parties between the ages of 18 and 65 would actively use tanning salons. The radiation of the Earth at the equator is at noon to according to scientific 12:00 At the 1,71-fachen of radiation in Central Europe.

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