Caucasus River

To lift the economy, our neighboring Azerbaijan credited in the West. This is a great tragedy for all of us, because we can not flirt with Satan. Because of this, the Caucasus, many times already shed much blood. Last August, hundreds of Ossetian children and the elderly were killed by weapons which the West has supplied the Georgian regime – to protect passing through Georgia, oil and gas pipelines. What still troubles bring peoples of the Caucasus ill-fated "contract"? NATO – is not Sunday shooting club and organization of self-defense.

This is a pack of the most aggressive countries in the world, destroying in its history tens of millions of human lives. Long time restrained the predator might of the USSR. Cost NATO people sneeze – and Soviet tanks during the day would enter Paris. But the Soviet Union no longer exists, and greedy hands stretched to the left without the protection of wealth. Dagestan has been a long time in the rear.

But today the situation in changed radically. In the near future in NATO may enter Georgia and Azerbaijan. Especially West needs Azerbaijan – rich in oil and gas, an important transit route of hydrocarbons from Central Asia. That's right on our borders NATO soldiers appear, and behind them deployed headquarters subversive and intelligence agencies. Today in the internal political instability, in fact, going undeclared war only to us and not enough. Do we know very little of those who today leads subversive activities under the liberal and democratic slogans? But somewhere in Makhachkala and Kaspiisk still remain dusty memorial plaques, "There was a hospital." The 42-m Caucasus River poured our blood, when the invaders from the West rushed to the oil fields of Azerbaijan.

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