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In this case, the size profile can be reduced, since most of the load will have a stone foundation pillars, often used valves D16, four or six rods, interconnected and filled with concrete. In this case, be sure to release an opening for fixing the gate special bonds of metal parts of 50mm, welded with embedded poles or fixtures to avoid pulling fixtures hung gate. Sliding gate is additionally a special foundation of a large mass of metal a mortgage that allows dynamic level swing gates and soil temperature fluctuations. For up-sectional doors is important inner surface opening, in which the gates are installed (usually in the garage) and the distance from the top of the opening up to the ceiling in the garage, which determines the location of the torsion spring doors. Lifting and sectional doors are made industrial way, on their surface is not applied art forging, so in this article this type of gate is not considered. A great variety of patterns and options forged finish gate can not restrict the artist’s imagination and create “a business card at home” on creative inspiration and grand designs. The form of the gates as swing and sliding can be virtually any except at one restriction imposed on the sliding doors – whatever the tip of the gate on the form – in the figure must be present (at the top of the gate) straight line, which is necessary for holding the rollers of the upper board rolling.

Other There are no limitations – the tip can be wavy and concave in the center and two-wave and the peak of the dentate and wicker from forged leaves and twigs forged vine. Gates themselves can be transparent, composed of metal rods square, or shaped tubes, and may not be transparent, “deaf”, closed with metal sheets, wood clapboard or board, translucent polycarbonate or vinyl siding. The surface of the door can be completely “blind”, and maybe with a closed bottom and an air ride, but can occur variants drawings, where the closed surface combines the open, which gives the gate a lot of charm and sophistication. Gate frame made of profiled pipes 50 * 25, 60830 and so on, in ascending order of size and weight of the gate, the inner filling is made from square bar 14mm, 16mm or shaped tubes 15 * 15 20 * 20 and can be unilateral, when outside the gates out the figure, while inside the house – flat panel or sheet of polycarbonate, as well as bilateral. At the gate must be used a powerful bolt and bolts on each vorotine, despite the fact that most of the automated gates – these are simple and reliable elements are required for situations with a power outage, long absence, and so on. Gates with a complex pattern composed of many layers – painted in several steps that involve all elements of the painting, first separately, and then after assembly – in the aggregate. When ordering Gate – Think all the details, it is no wonder they say that the gates – a calling card home. Salazanov Yuri.


And then you inevitably get back what was sent. Second, the error using the technique, which also leads to the fact that you are getting all their efforts back. Third, an active opposition to your influence. You may seem that this is similar to the defense, but there is a difference and it lies in the fact that your energy, or action that you collect and return you to your location, perhaps by attaching its influence. Consequences of the third reason for the rollback most sad. However, the first and second case also does not seem to you glad.

Retribution Retribution – a phenomenon even higher order than the impact or roll. The reason lies in the fact that the action that implemented, launched mechanisms of mass of the universe. The mass of the processes related to the respective realized a desire to begin to change. And, since the principle of recoil and impact continues to work with all these changes a person receives in a pure form. The essence of this phenomenon is reflected in the law of karma, which states that in biblical language, "Everyone will be for him." And it is the deeds, actions, influences and is calculated. For example, why so bad love spell? Yes because it does not allow any, any other person to fully realize their potential. He, as the conclusion to both, makes life flow just as you want, rather than as possible. As a result, the universe holds various compensatory actions to the consequences of actions have been minimal, and people began to think about what is happening.

Effective Online Business

You need to keep the visitor, get him to go back to your site? Here invaluable marketing tool will provide such as mailing. Make it without waiting for the high attendance. If possible, place form of distribution to the top of the page, creating the title ‘Subscribe to our daily / weekly) newsletter! ” Materials for distribution may serve as materials prepared for the site. Can publish distribution in a compressed form, offering a full version on your website (recommended). Frequency of distribution depends on the specific site and can be both a daily and monthly.

Remember that the best part of sending short issues than rare – dvuhsotkilobaytnye. If you have an English website, you can take advantage of special service (for the use to which you also will have to pay). Remember the main advantage of mailing – you support direct contact with those who are interested in your site, your information. It’s your ‘golden’ visitors. Newsletter comes in two versions – text and html.

Give users a choice. In addition to basic information the mailing list, be sure to Take place at the beginning for their own treatment. Please note that communication with you as a ‘living man’ is much more pleasant to read dry data that characterize many listservs. Using the ‘personal involvement’, you Relive the mailing list will attach feature simple text and be able to stand out among the other lists, which are also likely to read your subscriber.

Vintage Motorcycle Development

Vintage motorcycles are becoming better popular. Not without reason, they are connected with the beginnings of the motorized traffic closely. The origins lie in series of motorcycle in 1900. At that time, the first combustion engines were used in reinforced bicycle frames. They were simple single-cylinder two-cylinder engines with less open valves usually with so-called sniffer valves. This type of valve is controlled not mechanically closed only with a special pen.

When the piston moves down to suck fresh air through the vacuum will open the valve, fresh mixture can flow. This method was very simple, but not particularly effective. Most of the motors that time had no gear flange, a special right on the crankshaft pulley was attached to was transferred directly from the engine to the rear wheel the power. With a long handle was a tension roller are actuated so that the belt was stretched, it was a very simple way of a coupling. A rotary throttle was still completely unknown, it was similar in advanced motorcycles on a knob as regulated with lawnmowers. Braking with brake shoes was worked on the tires or the rims. Was started by pushing, kick starter came on later. Electric light was not on the bike, as many had a lantern.

Only from the 20's was offered a light, standard initial charge extra, in the early 30's had electric light. Until the outbreak of World War I were as good as all bikes without lights on the road. A two-cylinder engine with 5 HP was an absolute top model. Only after the war began, the first golden age of motorcycle and ended up very fast in inflation.


It is better The question of the future (or present) of the children and their education – a basic that connects your young family and parents. However, each has its own views, principles and priorities. And the mother-son forced to share with the "foreign woman" does not accept the need to give her the same and their grandchildren. If it weighs on you, convincing bear "right now", to clearly identify its (of course, common with her man) position: "We understand your feelings, but in the next couple of years Child did not start planning. " And after the baby born with a newly-minted grandmother developed a unified strategy of education, rather convincingly suggest to her and mind you its reasonable adjustments.

And yet, no amateur! When she realizes that you are not simply cast it to the dustbin of history, and appreciate the experience and felt instantly become a reliable assistant and ally. A grandmother's assistance in child care, must agree, is important. 72% Women-in-law were able to establish good relations. Scout catchphrase: "That's just I do not need to deceive to hang!" what does IT: At acquaintance found out your biography to the fifth generation, recorded the passport data and fingerprinted. My son asked how much he comes home from work and where were you on Saturday at 14-00, then asks the same questions you and compares readings. When the case certainly "nastuchit" it to you. If the bride does not wish suspected, but an ally, it would start with a zeal to deliver "intelligence information" on your part: as he is in kindergarten fell in love with Masha from a nearby yard, said that his ex when she found out about your union, and with whom she had seen him on the street last week.


So a very interesting question, I decided to pick it up. Many people, when I worked as a jeweler called me with a question: – I have a dark ring, perhaps I was deceived, gold does not darken, but I have and so on My head comes a story from the mid 90-ies of the 20 th century, when they were dashing 90's and customers often become people with professional experience – 'Bandits', and so once I did the same customer seal, and it comes two weeks after the adoption of order and not very happy that the gold was dark and brown. I naturally have always worked with the test metal and was sure to sample the product, but the man was convinced of the contrary. As a result, we have made independent examination of this product and it concluded that was wrong. As it turned out he had health problems and of course gold is dark, when a person has such a problem. So when you have a dark gold, causes can be much, but if you did not buy gold ornaments on sale in Turkey or elsewhere – ever. Typically manufacturers and sellers do not want problems with gostorginspektsiey and and vparivat you will not! This is simply as an indicator of how the first call you are not yet very pleasant. Therefore, take care of yourself and all you will be fine!

Golden Age

In the same year tried his hand at kinematografe.Sovmestno with Dyunyuelem he makes the now classic two films "Un Chien Andalou 'and' Golden Age '. In 1928, after the split of the surrealist Dali becomes glavoynovogo center and arrange for its first exhibition in Paris. In the summer of 1929 in a small Cadaques acquainted with Helen Diakonova, afterwards he always called her Galoy. Galey called her mother away in .V this town, where there was this significant meeting, she came with her husband, Paul Eluard, and a small daughter. El Salvador fell in love at first sight, haunted her.

It is not immediately reciprocated. But still stayed with him, leaving her daughter in the care of husband's mother. But as many as 19 years old Salvador dobivalsyazakonnogo formalization of relations, and only after the departure of another world Paul Eluard, they were married. Common children in El Salvador and Gala was not, his status as a bequest was transferred to the state. Gala's daughter did not get anything. Now her daughter lives in America, seven times married, and not very communicative with the press. But back in 1929. Gala has become his companion, his muse, the inspiration for a lifetime.

The image of the ideal woman, woven from childhood, was transformed into a living rights. Gala, putting on their fragile shoulders of all the daily chores, opened the way for him to free creation. Her undoubted vocation – to help reveal the talent of Dali. Gala often told him: 'Pictures are waiting for you.

Golden Crescent

In a country where some accounts more than half of the population earns less than $ 70 a month, said this year alone, professional groups in Russia have used Russian banks to illegally transfer $ 9 billion abroad. The FBI believes that the wide range of professional activities carried out by Russian organized crime groups likely exceeds the scale and economic impact of the Cali cartel to the height of his power. According to the UN, all Eurasian countries are rife with human trafficking violations. The human trafficking occurs when men, women and children are procured, transported and then enslaved. This form of slavery involves forced labor and sexual exploitation.

The traffic is exacerbated by poverty and the desire for a better life, lack of education regarding the consequences for families and individuals, and alteration of societal values or, in other words, greed. Human trafficking is a high profit, low industry risk. According to the State Department, many countries of Eurasia are staying at the institution and enforce laws to punish those guilty of trafficking. Another prolific professional activity in the region includes the major money laundering consortiums and schemes. The proximity of the Golden Crescent of Pakistan and Afghanistan puts Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and the crossroads of the opiate trade to Europe and Russia, where narcotics consumption is increasing. Eurasian organized crime spread to the United States in the 1970s and 1980s with the arrival of more than 100. 000 Soviet emigres. Mixed with the law-abiding people was a very small group of criminals that became the basis of EE.

Golden Wedding

"She stood at the plate in his ironed apron, cooking, as usual, a few dishes at a time. It was a normal day. But not for her! She was waiting for this day for a month. You bet! After all, today's visitors come all of your favorite relatives – children, grandchildren. The whole family is so rare in the collection, but she (and her favorite also, though apparently it does not show) misses the family and pleased to meet each and every call. – And what is there to eat? – My husband comes from room Manima seductive scents prepared dishes.

– Do you have wiped the dust and put the table? – Put your hands on your hips and pushing his gray eyebrows on the bridge, she said. Suddenly there was a sharp ring at the door. – Come, see, who's come to us! "Golden wedding – it's little wonder the modern world. Amid so many couples whose love has not stood the test of strength and those who may have separated the death, there are a handful of people whose marriage has shifted fifty-year milestone. And it's a miracle happens in your family! Make this day memorable for their heroes. After all, you see, this pair are the real heroes! How to make a golden wedding celebration of this memorable and event? Of course, arrange a holiday with gifts! In tradition, this day is supposed to mark a circle of children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, best friends and, of course, witnesses.

World Cup

Watery cry pending blaring trumpets, heralding a new dawn of the new man and renewed. And while the pass expires. Does the man was stripped of conformism that band? (a ) Neurons wake my dreams neuro Belgium. a "And ask my Oeyo a for something worth my poems? And while the man sleeps answer their bad dreams. If nothing is done to rebuild my dreams. World Cup hopes fair equal justice. III WELL-alum Alumbrados birth birth NDOS ndonos And you took and took from my candle light.

At the beginning of a more aya. Complexity of sub particles. Atomic a new creed. Link step of a new generation. Righteous men of fair justice. And other worlds to populate and their utterances, were equal to evolve in similar creeds.

Words black, red, green, yellow, I would say that everything is latent in the same words: Negrea corset a world outside the world and are worlds Of a permanent oblivion (a ) World Negrea famine sparkling flies, buzzing Buzzing the icy corpse rich, wandering around streets flooded by that till the rain are in the oblivion of stinks Africa and Ha roes cruel. And the light of my candle till I get my voice as Africa. Red gulfs gulfs of shadow; excandecencias vapors and cross-shopping between glacial spears, green meadows, clear waters, white kings, made the people of waving the Scarlet umbels, Public rpuras, smell of dried blood in oblivion. Sprinkle in laughter aron white complexions.

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