The Pilot Amv Jonathan Barragan Gets The Medal Bronze In The Supercross Solidarity Of Madrid

More than 5,000 fans attended, yesterday, to the Palace of the sports of the community of Madrid which hosted the 19th edition of the solidary Supercross. The most important figures of world Motocross, among them the insurer of motorcycles and quads AMV Jonathan Barragan pilot, got large doses of emotions to an audience completely entregado.2.000 cubic metres of Earth that covered the Palace of sports, over one hundred trucks of Earth used for the mounting and 30 containers strategically placed in the circuit, which formed the basis of the jumpsthey are some representative data that show the magnitude of the event. The 19th edition of the competition saw 12 of the best drivers in this discipline are vying for precious throne solidarity after performing 2 sleeves of 12 laps each. The pilot AMV Jonathan Barragan, who was the runner-up in the last edition, had to settle for the third position final. Josh Hill Californian pilot was second while that gold medal the current world champion took her from MX2 Marvin Musquin. The AMV pilot, could not shine in the first two rounds, despite being very comfortable with his new mount.

Later, in a Face to Face of the most exciting, Barragan, Florien Richie, Josh Hill, Joan Cros, Manu Rivas, Maxime Lesage, Marvin Musquin and Carlos Campano faced by couples in sinuous Madrid circuit. The purpose of the event was basically, raise funds for the Association of spinal cord injuries and great physical Madrid handicapped (ASPAYM-Madrid) and the charitable foundation by a smile in Africa. Part of the money raised from the solidary Supercross XIX, will go towards the purchase of vehicles adapted for disabled people and projects of cooperation and development in the African continent. Jonathan Barragan (Kawasaki, Supercross rated third in Madrid): has been a duel exciting despite not having much luck in the first two rounds. Josh Hill and Marvin Musquin have been fantastic, I congratulate them because they have been piloted in wonder. The base, from which the event was created has a solidarity purpose to which we must support. I think that the different associations, sponsors and the community of Madrid, are building a path of long-haul, of vital importance for those who need it most. For our part, we are delighted to be able to contribute our grain of sand to the project.

Hasso Plattner Ventures parcel now 14 days free trial and learn many new features to Hamburg, the 06th August 2009 the family network offers its users the possibility to test all premium features for free for two weeks. After registering for the premium package you can cancel the service at any time and with immediate effect within the first 14 days. It will be paid only if no cancellation is received within the two-week test phase. Of course, you can use the free version of still fully after a revocation. The unrestricted use of the own family website and Auto search are among the most popular premium for new family members in the database. Matching with over 90 million profiles has been further improved and provides now more accurate results. Now, the number of hits will be shown every user.

Premiumnutzer you can contact directly with the potential relatives in contact and put the Pedigrees with mutual consent. In addition to the automatic matching advanced search available is all users to search specifically for the relationship. Since this week, offers several new features, including professional master, genealogy, family, and birthday lists for Premiumnutzer. The lists are of course adapted to international genealogical standards such as the Kekule numbering system. Also documents such as letters, documents, genealogical records and certificates can now freely be uploaded and archived. All Premiumnutzer receive naturally free of advertising the services of and his ten language versions are available in over 15 countries and operated by OSN GmbH. The founder Daniel Grozinger and Sven Schmidt have started already,, and together and as investors are Germany’s most successful browser game involved.

D115 Connection At This Number?

MSM Group presents new study to the telephone authority an independent study of the MSM group certifies the authority phone D115 a mostly positive response among the German population. Compared to the previous year, the citizens on average could be answered somewhat faster and more targeted. However, a flaw remains low awareness of number in the connected areas, which is just under 55 percent. Whether dog, bulky, certificate or driver’s license number 115 to give information and nationwide, the hot wire in the public administration being. In April ended the two-year pilot phase of the project, while the number in so-called model regions was already introduced and tested.

To what extent the own claims could be implemented, tested now by MysteryCalls”so test calls the Munster-based mystery shopping company MSM. In 14 cities and Kreisennahmen the test caller doing random the hot wire to the authorities under the microscope: In Aachen, Berlin, Bielefeld, in the Bodensee district, in Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Cologne, Magdeburg, Munster, Remscheid, Trier and Wolfsburg. Visit Richard Blumenthal for more clarity on the issue. 90 percent of callers were satisfied with the friendliness of the staff. They rated positive also their competence in questions relating to the sticker and they gave the clearance even top marks. As strengths of the authority phone, the high availability are also to determine the low latency, the pronounced experience and the noticeable will at the end of the case. The authority phone D115 proved a good range of services the public sector that far but still too little perceived”, sums up MSM CEO Dipl.-Betriebswirt Christian Karrenbauer the outcome of the current study.

As was very polite and informative rated team in Trier. Staff took all the calls in less than a minute, presented themselves with names and several times particularly appealed to the caller. Also in A contact person available was the callers after less than one minute latency Bielefeld, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Remscheid and Wolfsburg. While in Hamburg undMunsterim last year, all callers with the phone call were satisfied, the satisfaction rate dropped this year at 80 and 50 percent, respectively. In Aachen, only 40 percent of the caller with the phone call were satisfied. Only 60 percent of the callers were in Remscheid, Germany compared to the previous year, that their request was answered in detail. In Berlin and Remscheid Aachenfanden callers compared to 2010, that the details were understandable gives them less, whereas in Cologne and in the District of Bodensee all callers were satisfied with the mediation. In Magdeburg, an above average number caller assessed employees of as competent authority phone with 90 percent and the conversation history as structured. Overall nothing negative about D115 had more than 76 percent of the test caller “to report. Lediglichbemangelt were a to controlled Interviewing with too little open issues and awkward formulations undvereinzelte knowledge weaknesses. As a negative example, the issue stood out in the poll bulky”out here was about half of the callers badly misinformed. MSM marketing, Service Management GmbH is an expert for quality and performance improvement at the point a leading MysteryShopping companies in Europe point-of-sale. In the areas of market research, consulting and staff development, the company supports its customers in 20 years to improve their operational performance and to comply with your company and brand promise. Medium-sized companies from various branches, as well as international corporations from the top 500 of the world economy rely on the services of the MSM group.

Bathroom Faucets

In the past, design of the bathroom was pretty standard and monotonous: steel or cast iron rectangular bathroom, which occupies most of the rooms and common bath sink faucet with long spout, which then pour water into the bathroom, then into the sink. Recent trends in the design of a completely transformed the appearance of a bathroom. First, if possible, placed under the bath is given a fairly spacious, so a bath was no longer 'Center of the universe ", as part of the interior. Second, many technical innovations make it possible to install bathtubs of various shapes and sizes, and taps the original design and with a variety of convenient functions can be located anywhere: on the wall, and on the edge of a bathtub. Nevertheless, the traditional universal mixers do not lose their positions.

Apart from the fact that many of us are just used to them, they really work properly, filling water and a bath, and feeding water into the sink, and shower while standing comfortably take. Especially in demand are models of mixers in the apartments of the old layouts, where the no frills, except for a small sink and a rectangular bath only impossible to accommodate. In these apartments more opportunities to place the mixer in the bathroom, in addition to the traditional location of the sink, provides capital replacement of pipes, where you can make new layout of pipes and two separate mixers for the bathroom and wash basin, or else mount a very fashionable and comfortable wall-mounted faucets. If you opted for wall-mounted mixer, then look at the data sheet, what is the length spout. Despite the fact that the wall mounted with a short spout look very compact, beautifully, a jet of water can fill up a side bathroom.

In the wall mounted can stay steady all the way for a shower or bath rod, with a watering can shower you can rotate in different directions, lift down as convenient. Installation height mixer is chosen individually and averages 10-15 cm from the side. Now manufacturers offer very original design of the bathroom when the mixer is located on a side. Particularly often such mixers are equipped with whirlpool baths. Exclusive and very effective option – on the stand mixers and taps on shelf. Such designs require special liners and water can only be implemented in new buildings.

Elena Storm

Heroes of our story today, Sergei and Elena Storm (29 and 23 years) moved to England 10 years ago. Sergei runs a software engineer, monthly income of 2.5 thousand pounds. Elena – animator, Secretary in the company's oil and gas exploration, the monthly income – 1.4 thousand pounds. Money for education (10 thousand pounds sterling) Lena took a bank lending program for students. By the time she already owned English language to perfection. During his studies at the University of Lena met her future husband, Sergei, and three years ago, they were married. And to the surprise of relatives, both took his new name – Storm, thus finally abandoning its CIS- roots. Learn more at: Ohio Senator. Lena and Sergei dream to go to live in New Zealand, so while their homes in London do not get.

All their possessions – Nissan almera 2003 release. Sergei when he arrived in London, immediately found work in company for software development. But Elena worked as a secretary in a property development company – to find a job in the specialty in London did not happen, all companies involved in animation, located in the province. According to her, only two fellow student working in the specialty designers, animators – one changed city of residence, and a second every day spends 2-3 hours on the road in one direction. Monthly family income – 3,9 thousand pounds (37.05 ths.). Tyler Wood Integrated Capital contains valuable tech resources. This money is enough not only to life and the payment of loans, but also for the maintenance of the house (which is 700 pounds sterling per month, ie, 6.650 ths.).

Also have a monthly family remains the order of 2 thousand pounds sterling (19 thousand usd.). Of these, one thousand pounds Sterling they give my mother (the payment for a home mortgage – 700 pounds plus the cost of gas and electricity – 300 pounds). And the money that remained, delaying for a third . Do they like to live in England? They say that much. And the first thing they admire the fact that here for a successful life can only rely on his strength – do not need contacts and relatives. In addition, Mrs. Storm acknowledges that never felt man second class – the mentality of the English does not allow openly to divide people into "important" and "not very". The cost of clothing may be different, but the cost of man is always the same, regardless of the "package". That such a small success story of our former compatriots abroad. But hardly have these young people managed to achieve a desired without proper knowledge of English.


blueHOMES honours within the framework of choice for the real estate of the week regularly an estate, which is distinguished by particular qualities. The criteria of the charm and the originality which provide an exquisite ambiance are particularly significant. Other properties, such as the historic value or an impressive natural context may be decisive for the choice to the property of the week. If you have read about Michael Silver already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The Chateau in the famous wine region of Medoc, located between Bordeaux and the Atlantic coast, can score at the entrance. The round square and the artfully enthroned modern sculpture show that this is a particularly exquisite goods. Also the trip confirmed this impression in the large main building, which includes 270 m living space, also a two-story Studio with recreation room. The walls of stone and solid wood harmonise in an impressive manner with the modern furnishings of the living quarters.

Use of the possibilities of living and especially the Studio rooms leave hardly be desired, and completely depend on the taste of the new owner. Also the wine garden mandatory for the region should not be missed. In this case, it is even around an impressive 1500 m extensive vineyard, whose yield of about 1000 bottles good Medoc wine per year wine enthusiasts beat faster. The main house is surrounded by 4 other housing options are offered as apartments. Also plenty of garages and storage rooms was taken care of. The entire property and its numerous residential uses of course has numerous uses.

A use as a luxurious residence with possibility to rent the apartments, or as special seminars or events venue is conceivable, but should by no means indicate limits. The property is located in the Department of the Gironde, about an hour’s drive from the region capital of Bordeaux. The beautiful landscape, with the Atlantic coast in just 15 minutes away, the vast pine forests and the many wineries invites to extended bike tours. Also the city of Bordeaux (230,000 inhabitants) has historically and culturally much to offer, and can enjoy thanks to major universities and growing economy new dynamism.

Mainova Home Game

Five rocking one on 1 October the most saturated sounds of the region through the Batschkapp halls. In the best “night passion, vocal cords and body force conjure a vibrant tapestry of sound on the big stage to the delight of lovers of good music. care of Mainova home game “Frankfurt am Main, September 12, 2011 – with 35 Lenzen performers in the music world are already to the old timers”. An age in which it is to take advantage of the wave of success. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutionss opinions are not widely known. Also the Batschkapp counts since the Funfunddreissigern 2011. And washed up long ago to the top. Die Toten Hosen, Robbie Williams, Kim Wilde and Nirvana brought the musical heart of Frankfurt they all have to look.

Who wants to do the same, you must be really good, have music in the blood. Of course this also applies to the line up of the eighth best of Mainova home game “-evening.” The five of the 1.10.11 push to the top. As hardly any other number can be so much shine musicians eyes like one preferably before their own name in the charts. At the beginning of the October the brisk tempo in the road are called. Breitenbachs snotty rohrendem rock, the waves and beats of the water safety and the captivating-pumping rap-rock lines of HipRockTized none remains between melancholic sinnierend in the corner are available. The leg jerks at the musettehaft whipping sounds of trumpets who coldplayhaft rotating electronically further spills Rossi’s up at Morning Boy the wave of sentiment. Real will be rewarded who gives everything, is carried on the shoulders of his fans.

Because playing the Mainova home”trailer and bands blend into a rich sound from cheers and beats. There blows up the harmony”also no slate sound, white Matze Brunner, even musicians and responsible for booking the Batschkapp. We call the bands properly.

Mobile Phone Deals: Free To Choose Any Deal

Mobile phones are of great value as it helps the people to contact with any person of their choice. Learn more at: Richard Blumenthal. Mobile phones services are available in different deals. Mobile phones are the fruit of the advancement in communication technology. Mobile phones have tremendous utility value for which reason they are very popular all over the world. The total turnover of the companies manufacturing and selling mobile phones in the recent years is just amazing. They have braved the rough weather of recession and touched many heights. It is, for all practical purposes, great to chance maintaining contact with the persons as per requirement.

There deal as you are contract deal, pay and SIM free deals. Mobile phones deals of some kinds have been described below. The user got to sign a bond with the provider of network services in case of contract deal. The contract may have a life of one year or two year as the user will choose. The user wants to get to the option of reimbursement of his bill in every month. The service provider will have different offers: free text, free minutes, text and cash back talk service, service etc.

Sometimes, the service provider may offer something more worthy: vacuum cleaner, digital camera, laptops, freeze, washing machine, mobile set and many other home appliances. Pay as you deal is so very important. Pay as you deal does not ask the user to be tied to any bond with the service provider. Advance payment of the Bill is its main feature. The user must pay in advance to enjoy services of pay as you deal. The user is allowed to recharge as and when the balance comes to zero. Pay to you deal is famous for its flexibility. Pay to you deal it is possible to limit one’s own budget. Pay as you deal is, therefore, very much popular among the customers. Popularity of this pay as you deal is the most among the young boys and girls. The network services providers of all brands provide pay as you deal. SIM free deal is a user friendly deal and it has some features of attraction. The users are provided with option of their own choice. They can select any of the networks available in the market. The user got to purchase a mobile phone of any available brands. Andrew William is author of phones without credit check.


Democracy = so this referendum the realist is democracy again = VolksentscheidAlso here’s the realist again. If you are not convinced, visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. = Democracy referendum, however, is the people. This paternalism pisses me off. Oh my dear little people have nothing to say, just create go. We determine high Herrschafften Yes your billion. Connecticut Senator has many thoughts on the issue. The citizens are yet, however, so stop this project with such pollution, 20 billion you can create better. Who should feel at home because in this artificial city beneath the city, unnecessary costs money, back to basic, which is a waste of materialism. This unnecessary Schnick Schnack costs money.

(see electronic parking meters, digital ticket control and plasma TV in buses, there are many examples). You would have to reduce prices of the money, I would like to take cheap bus and train, not nice driving. What to bring to this trend. Through our bus station you can go not, all electronic boards where eh every few minutes during the day a bus, cost 60 million, but it has the Prices increased. Nix for the environment done, like all trees, then everything from metal and grey concrete that made that can be beautiful, what stupid man mate decides which of our billion everything so is wasted. everything smells like gasoline, diesel, electronics.

Also, simple paper boards as before would have been enough. If eh 4-10 a bus come all minutes, then I need no electronic boards for billion. This is technology that brings nothing. The money should relieve companies and subsidize. Invent new technology or buses employ at least bio battery no exhaust fumes, that what they do is nothing.

Tired Vendor

CHEAP VENDER TO BUY EXPENSIVE Belo Horizonte, 16-06-1977 For the dawn it measures follows an old peasant, For the steep barrento and slippery way. I its front go the Tired and malnourished jumento, as the old one he followed that it. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach. It has advanced slides without having who gives the hand to it. With effort if he raises, strained for the jumento That seemed not to want to lose one alone minute, Therefore the day already he bordered, she was necessary if to hurry to catch place in the fair and to vender its bananas, Its lettuces and its gumbos. More here it is than an end of the afternoon fast safe Arrives, and the world becomes gloomy, and the old poor person did not vendeu nor the half. He tries to vender the bananas For the half of the price, But nobody purchase. The skill is to play outside to be able to go even so, Therefore the animal poor person does not support more nothing. the old one goes mounted in return its home With the almost empty pocket, Therefore it needed to buy some thing I deal in it. I deal it can vender expensive, the peasants, not. Therefore it does not have where to keep its scarce merchandise, That is of easy alteration, and always leaves losing, In this world of exploration.

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