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CashRun new E-banking software integrates into its global online payment service CashPay. ST GALLEN, Switzerland, February 17, 2011 CashRun, a leading provider of safe – and payment solutions in E-Commerce, integrated a new E-banking software in its global online payment service CashPay. Internet dealer by the current enlargement immediately automatic updates on incoming bank wires of its customers. The new software provides cross-Bank hourly status updates for incoming transfers. This accelerates the data transfer significantly when compared to the traditional, daily reconciling via online banking. As a result, can be released order faster and shorten delivery times what can create long-term satisfied customers and revenue growth.

“The delivery of the related transfer of reporting data” complies with international trade and payment regulations such as, for example, SWIFT. CashRuns dense network of popular payment gateways and banks supported Internet retailers to attract more buyers. In addition, online shops with CashPay received a one-stop solution, which brings together local and global payment options in an online account and processed. The consolidation of different payment methods in an interface enables traders to the efficient and uncomplicated management of their payment processing. With the given function extension proves CashPay again his ability to adapt to current market needs and supports the continuously growing number of national and international payment systems.

About CashRun CashRun was founded in 2007 with the aim to provide global payment and fraud prevention solutions to Internet merchants. In addition to the headquarters in the Switzerland, CashRun has international offices in Germany, United States, Singapore and China. Through the continuous development of their solutions, a strong global presence and a dense network of partners, CashRun achieved impressive successes in fraud-endangered industries and supports dealers, to minimize risks of payment fraud, as well as to accelerate revenue growth.

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