Case Object

It is impossible to think only about themselves. If you have possible, rescue people, excised element from the other, provide first aid to victims. 5. If there is a danger of being in water, until the arrival of aid should take off their shoes, belts and get rid of the heavy and tight clothing. If you need to keep from getting wet which is prized possessions, put them in a waterproof bag or at least wrap in several layers of clothing. 6. Hear from experts in the field like Richard Blumenthal for a more varied view. Fill a shirt and trousers, light flying objects (balls, empty sealed plastic bottles, etc.) it will allow you to float.

7. Use tables, tires, spare tire, safety belts, to stay on the surface. 8. Jump into the water should only extreme case when, for objective reasons to stay in place is impossible. If you decide to swim to another place, to soberly assess their strength! Do not forget that water can be cold and have strong currents, resulting in even a good swimmer can drown. 9.

Before you slip into the water: breathe the air, grabbed the first available object and swim with the tide, trying to stay calm. 10. Jump into the water only at the last moment, when No more hope for salvation. If possible do not dive into the water with his head. 11. The water must be very careful because there are many subjects about which you can get hurt. This is very dangerous, as in the water people feel less pain and therefore could lose a lot of blood. In addition, through open wounds in the water can get an infection that will cause infection or disease. 12. If you fall into cold water, try to get from it in the next 3 minutes. After 5 minutes, you may begin to cramp and go with it will be extremely difficult. In the case of cramps experts advise to prick themselves in the reduction of muscle with a sharp object (knife, needle, wire). 13. Once in the strong current, try to grab any floating past the object – a tree trunk, a door opening of the fence. It would be better if you can climb on it. Please note that under certain conditions, you may well manage their ‘Ship’ – legs or stick using them instead of the keel, you can try to swim to the middle or out on the island. 14. If you do decide to get out of the water in the home, remember, about the laws of physics: you will inevitably will demolish the current, swim diagonally toward the goal. In conclusion, we wish the same – let the “big water” will bypass your side!

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