Captain Brianchaninoff

" In Klimov suburb dissenters came from different places, including from Moscow zemel.Bolshoe number of dissenters was added after the first settlement of Chernigov ruin branches – the center of the dissenters in 1736 and a lot of them disappeared here in the second ruin of branches in 1763. Civilian life can be represented by Slobozhan statements Voight Gladkago 1767. On the statement in the settlement was 94 residential yard, 116 houses empty (they lived in steppe sites released for settlement and fled to Ekaterinoslavskuyu, Belgorod and Astrakhan Province). Lived in a suburb Klimova: males from 1 to 15 – 289, from 15 to 60 years -536, the elderly and crippled – 36 and all: men 861, women 682. In the first half of the eighteenth century in Klimova settlement began to settle Don dissenters. It came from the Don Cossack villages devastated, Gazukovskoy etc. This is evidenced by the census books of Colonel Yergolsky (1715-1718 years) and Captain Brianchaninoff (1729g.). These books have been partially preserved in the archives.

Arrived from Moscow, Kaluga, Belgorod, Rostov, including and Cossack family. The documents show that the Old Believers and later – the Cossacks came to live in Klimov settlement. In 1782, Russia was divided into three Minor governorship. Klimov Posad entered Novgorodseverskoe . Believers have always enjoyed the favor of royalty, and Klimov their efforts soon turned into a great at the time commercial and industrial center. In the old days here were made sails and ropes, hair, hemp oil, skin.

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