Bruce Ossian

‘Not many teachers happens, brethren, seeing, for they vyaschy sin is acceptable, a lot of bo sin, the cue word UBO not sin, and man has accomplished sions strong ilk hto ustie curb, then all his body in reining in …’ This wise parting words of biblical Apostle James begins a book by A. Golovnina, lifts the veil of mystery a great Russian text of “The Song of a half-ku Tale.” ‘Word’ is undoubtedly one of the most enigmatic works of not only Russian, and world literature. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions may help you with your research. Miraculously surviving happily found and published by Count AI Musin-Pushkin ‘word’, for more than two hundred years of Russian readers affects the depth of its poetic imagery and vivid language. For more information see this site: James Donovan. This work admired the great Russian poets – Pushkin, Karamzin, Zhukovsky, Yesenin, Bruce, Block, Z, etc. The writer and the head of St. Petersburg Customs Alexander Radishchev enchanted powerful figure of the poet and singer Boyan, he has devoted his’ Songs petye to match the singers of the Slavic tribes. ” Poet Radishchev put Bojan on a par with the great literary shadows of the past centuries – Homer and Ossian.

Seven Greek cities vie for the right to call other parents-tion of the legendary Homer, but, alas, no one can honor the memory of the great ancient old man, laying a wreath on his grave. Ruthless time had erased it … Scots revere his legen-Darnay poet Ossian, but they, alas, is not given to lay fresh flowers to his tomb, because the ‘ancient poet Ossian’ was created by the imagination of the XVIII century Scottish poet MacPherson. Why did Alexander Radishchev so confidently builds on the Olympus, these three the legendary figure nye – Homer, Ossian and Bojana? Can he held in his hands plump folio miami-tions of the Bojana? And even placed fresh flowers on the grave of famous Boyana? Addition, the great Russian people, who created and unfading today the glory of the Fatherland … Who Author ‘Lay’? How, where and when to create ‘Word’? Where now are the house and the tomb of the legendary Bojana? How to see a mysterious diva, the fact that ‘the unknown lands whistles’ and sits on the tree with gold? Where is Vladimir, that ‘the whole morning on the ears zakladashe’ in the glorious city? Where is the portrait in his lifetime Yaroslavna? Where is the ‘Golden stirrup’ Prince Igor? Where to see the mighty horse on the banks, which Was attracted ‘bare’ Great rider? Where is the palace-fortress of the ill-fated Sokolicha? If you want to get the answers to these and many other issues related to the mysterious ‘Lay’, read a new book, a study by Alexei Golovnina ‘The word non-sogreshimoe’. Perhaps we are still happy Greeks or the Scots … In contrast, we can almost tit-memory of our two great Russian poets – Boyana and author of ‘Lay’, placing fresh flowers on their living grave, which spared and not erased ruthlessly gluttonous time.

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