Bolivian State

We propose to include in Article 209 that: "… deliberate through the High Command in defense, security and national interest …" "…. The court of military justice, is the highest court of military justice in professional and administrative-institutional, to comply with and enforce the laws and military regulations and institutional organization … .. "Economic and Financial Conditions country's natural resources in all its varieties and forms that occur, constitute the wealth of this and heritage for future generations. In the new Constitution should be further clarified in the Economic System in a clear manner that "Natural resources are national assets and that your care and control must be a fundamental part of the new country build. " Social Conditions Our current constitution proclaims that the work is a human right protected by the state, worker-employer relations are governed by the General Labour Act.

The status of public official determines that the charges are protected, however the requirements are not met, does not respect the administrative career and the charges vary with the new governments. Everything is said in the constitution do not know the content of the laws, rulers and ruled. We should require that the standard is met and to establish otherwise, the view of responsibilities to those who swear to respect and enforce the law. Peasant Agricultural Regime The CPE says the land belongs to the Bolivian State, as original property, the article says that the work justifies the land tenure and INRA Law does not say that the earth is for those who work but who pays taxes.

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