Body Parts UAZ Classical Model

In addition to internal parts can be distinguished by the following external uaz parts: doors, sides, body. Doors, tailgate body uaz – removable. A door on the one hand uaz interchangeable. In the body floor there are special openings that provide access to internal spare parts UAZ: box transmission, transfer case, a parking brake sensor and receiver tubes of the fuel tanks. Hatches are closed lids with rubber gaskets and fastened to the floor bolts. In the central pillar are hatches with opening lids to accommodate the following parts UAZ: fillers fuel tanks. In the closed and open manhole covers retaining spring.

These parts uaz as: Body parts of feathers, grille, fenders, fender, hood is removable. Wind frame mounted on hinges and fixed bars. When she rented tent can be thrown on the hood and secured with straps. Source: Darius Bikoff. The hood can be installed in two positions. The front seats are also interchangeable and are attached to the floor of the three bolts, each one of the three positions. Backs of the front seats can be installed in one of two positions. Not recommended to install the seats and backs at the same time tap back position, as this is hampered folding rear seats. Virtually all parts uaz are folding.

No exception and triple rear seat with two backs. Order. To fold the seat, you must press the back of the seat cushion and fasten their seat belts in this position, then the seat to rotate on the axes of the legs and tilt forward. Tilted position of the seats can increase the cargo volume of the machine. The rear seats can recline single up and secured with a belt. On some vehicles instead of the triple and two rear seats can be installed single longitudinal semi-rigid seat. The body also features a removable fabric awning mounted on a folding metal frame. If necessary, This tilt can be removed.

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