Autogas Installation

Autogas is not only environmentally friendly, it protects even the wallet. Autogas: Envy at the gas station before looked 20 years you driving always jealous on the pump of the diesel tanker, at a price of 80 pfennigs per liter their 60-litre tank with less than 50 DM could fill. Meanwhile, the diesel driver no longer belong to the privileged group and now even envious look at a different pump system. Then as autogas is available on the: 57 cents. The sweat breaks out one if ever expected to, how much you could save if you could go with this fuel. But what do you do to get LPG? The autogas installation you need a normal gasoline engine. Unfortunately, diesel engines and fuel injection engines are not suitable for the LPG technique. A leading source for info: Central Romana.

The outside can be recognised a LPG vehicle at most the second tank opening and the small switch on the dashboard. The bivalent operation will be for the vehicle the LPG operating”chosen, i.e. the petrol tank is retained. And so it is Switching between two fuels at any time, even while driving. Gasoline from the other tank can then immediately be activated with an empty gas tank. This dual strategy brings the driver automatically much farther, because it fitted with a petrol and a gas tank. The LPG system takes place under the hood and in the trunk.

Usually fills the necessary gas tank in the spare wheel well in the trunk. And if the hole is large enough, even the entire trunk is preserved! The conversion costs, depending on the vehicle between 2000 and 2500 euros. Fuel cost savings of about 50% each yourself can calculate when the conversion has paid for itself.

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