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5 tips so that the Law of Attraction works more express to you By Olivia Kings The following are very powerful advice who will help you to put the Law of Attraction working to your favor in autopilot, are secret tools that can make a world of difference in your results with the Law of the Attraction. Tip #1 Alinea the energy of your body at a higher level of brings back to consciousness. Daily we have around 10.000 thoughts. Of those 10.000 thoughts 5 or 6 they are only new and the rest nine thousand nine hundred and so many have been continuing being the same that we had a year ago, for 10 years or for 20 years. Perhaps this is one of the reasons by which our life does not change as quickly we wished as it, and also is the main reason for which to some the Law of Attraction does not work to them to create the positive.

We have been really thinking about the same of repetitive way as if we were a recorder and with that we are constantly creating the same reality of a year ago, for 10 years or for 20 years. All the days we thought more than 10.000 times and more of a 90% of those thoughts they are dedicated to recreate what already we have, that is to say if at this moment does not reach the money to you, a great part of the time you happen thinking about it and you continue creating that reality. Also we spent long time remembering the past or criticizing something that we did not wish, complaining, seeing the news to us and platicado over trivial things. Those mental activities approximately occupy 90% of our thoughts and from time to time we got to think about something different. Sometimes people dedicate one or 2 minutes to think about which would wish to have or in visualizing something, but those 2 or 3 minutes are insufficient then only occupy a minimum percentage of the totality of 10.000 thoughts that in their majority are negative or are destined to continue counting a reality that or is.

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