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Conduct media monitoring. All articles of the last exhibition you can also include in its report. The most interesting for the leadership, will certainly mention your company. For greater efficiency accompany each material information about the media: but the name, enter the circulation, frequency output, distribution region. Collect data on customers that have emerged after the show. For this enough to oblige those responsible for communication with customers staff to learn how the client learned about the company.

And it will be just fine if you also razdobudete data, how much money the company brought these clients. However, there it is important to consider one thing: customers will come to the company not only during the week when you are preparing a report, but then within about six months. And this is very important to mention in the report. Well, now you have all the data for the report. Make it not only informative but also easy to perceived. The less time a person has not participated in the preparation and holding of the exhibition, you will need to review the report, the better. Divide information on the following components: The name of the project, time and place The objectives of participation in the exhibition A description of the preparatory action description of the action during the exhibition Conclusions Applications Remember the advice to photograph all the events on the stand? It's time to discover the secret: photos will make your report more vivid and colorful. It is known that people love pictures – use it! Make a nice supplement to report as a small photo album, revive dry report. Also put in an application media publications and texts of press materials (press releases, etc.) for journalists. Your report is ready! In general habit of summing up all events is very helpful. Read more from Paulo Coelho to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It means that future events will become more sophisticated and effective.

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