Antirecessionary Design

In the difficult period of the capital of the company faced the need to economize. Today they have become more prudent attitude to costs, particularly to rental payments. Here, Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Among the main tasks of crisis there is another: preserve the functionality and convenience of office jobs in a small area. Farewell to the expanse of the analytical experts commercial real estate market, only in autumn 2008, prices and rents fell 25-40%, and in 2009 she could still get cheaper by 20-40%. In the last quarter demand for offices has fallen significantly. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jim Donovan Goldman. "The rental market in October 2008 also dramatically increased the total area of the exhibited objects – by 57% compared with September and in November it rose another 6% – said Denis Kolokolnikov, ceo of rrg (consulting in the field of commercial real estate). – Since October began reducing prices in the segment of the lease, and in a segment sale. The October price reduction offers market sales amounted to 2,6% in November, it dropped another 2.3% to a value of $ 6,313 per square meter.

m. The average rental rate in late autumn compared with summer months before the crisis was below 19%. The situation stems from the fact that many companies in the form of anti-crisis measures have reduced staff, but also become more balanced approach to the use of office square footage. Some have decided to survive the crisis with through drastic measures: moving to a smaller area or room to reduce the size of its own premises, surrendering the surplus in the sublease.

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