Angelina Jolie

Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Tina Turner and Diana Ross. All of them have eyes seductive, sophisticated, and beautiful shapes. These women understand the power that eyes have time to make a good impression. Each of them has caused an impact on the world of fashion with her beautiful eye makeup smoked at some time or another in their careers. Each one of these women understood the power of subtle beauty. How to cause a good impression if use a bold eye shadow makes you feel nervous, but are looking for a stunning and attractive appearance to the night, test with smoky eyes. Smoky eyes are exactly what the Word suggests; smoke in the air. The fundamental basis of the smoky eyes is simple: create an illusion of darkness around the eye to achieve a rounded, perfect and feminine look.

This look works well with all forms of eyes since what you do is draw the outline to create the desired shape of a sensual eyes. The large eyes are sexy and provocative. Once you learn to disguise them, try to use dark shades of violet, blue Navy, green or brown to impose your personal brand when you smoked eye makeup. Materials needed to create eyes smoky hides stains loose powder translucent eyeliner black eye shadow black or dark grey powder Shadow shadow color ivory or beige black mask for eyelashes brush for eyes with sponge tip for Smudge Brush for eyes of natural hair. How to apply makeup for eyes smoked 1.

Prepare the area around the eyes with moisturizing cream and hidden spots. 2. Apply powder loose or positioned under the eye area. This will help control the loose makeup that fall out during the application. Loose dust can be removed with a brush after application. 3. Using the black eyeliner to eyes, he delineates the inside top and bottom of the eye.

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