Amir Peretz

A country in conflagration against facist islamists that never will accept the existence of a state not-Muslim in the Middle East, would not have to authorize to that their Arab enemies have benches in their Parliament, nor it would have to hold that the groups of extreme left campaign in favor of the Palestinians, nor to authorize that the Israeli Arabs (Muslim) enter the army. In any place of the world that would be treason to the mother country. The Jewish town because it underwent worse discriminations than no other, looks for to be more tolerant, generous and comprehensive, trying to find the reason until in which they do not reason, in a humanitarian act that exceeds the acceptable thing. That has been the position of Olmert and Livni, next to its self-centred eagerness to shine in podio and to be interminable in the conduction of the state, as Shimon Peres obtained, who is one of the main causes of the distortion of the national values of the Jewish town. The left turn of Kadima, forces to retake the compass and nobody can make it better than the united right. The answer to Hams had to occur long time back, the day after the firing of the first Kassam, not three years later.

By each rocket that arrived at Israel the terrorists won at least one hundred followers. If Israel leaves they bomb to him, and if their lefts defend the Palestinians how he can justify his right to the existence? The political stupidity spread in Israel, but we remember to Amir Peretz during the war against Jizbal. The country with many of the best military of the world, put a mechanic of Minister of Defense, nothing else that by political commitment. The answer against Hams is vital. No country would tolerate they bomb that it every day, and no government would leave defenseless to his populations in front of his attackers since Kadima did until now. The pro-Islamic press surely will condemn the attack and will say that they died civil. Then to only remember to them, the terrorists of Hams attack civil objectives solely. original Author and source of the article.

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