Alonso Collar, A Man Who Was Happy In The Law And Academia

Antony de Melo: There are two types of education, which teaches you how to make a living and teaches you to live. The decade of the '80s almost came to an end and the story of the day to day showed us a world convulsed as ever. The Catholic Church was led by a pope from Poland socialist powers continued to show their teeth in the inevitable end of the Cold War, the German one and the other side is filled with value and a good day, tired of bearing the tyrants who had separated, they drove down the infamous Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union was unable to continue under the same cloak enveloping a number of nations which claimed the right to write their own history. Visit Sen. Sherrod Brown for more clarity on the issue. In Colombia, meanwhile, the state fought a fierce fight against narco guilty of fear and the sea of blood in which plunged the country. Four candidates for the presidency of the republic fell shot through the hands of the killer and blind assassin hired by the mafia. That was the historic environment in that memorable 1989 season when I met Professor Alonso Cuello Cuello. In any piece of my mind still stays the night at the beginning of the semester when an animated conversation with journalist Jorge Castillo and Jaime Cuello statistician. We were doing a strict analysis of events and almost had arranged the world when George suddenly looked at his watch and said, "Within a half hour class begins and administrative law that we had better go along, since the group is very large and the chair is so interesting that she attend a those who are not registered. .

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