Air Force

However, its load capacity is limited, had its nature of light aircraft, and the Air Force has insistently refused to acquire units of the model. The aircraft-tank HY-6, converted version of average bombers XAIC H-6, that in turn are copies of the Soviet bomber Tupolev You, possesss transfervel fuel capacity extremely limited, if compared with the one of other models in operation in the Air Force of Russia or the United States. Moreover, it lacks of Avionica modern and it possesss limited reach. aircraft Shaanxi Y-8 (copy of the model of Soviet transport Antonov An-12) had been modified to be used as aircraft of naval patrol and anti-submarine war. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Paulo Coelho and gain more knowledge.. Although to possess good capacity of load and good reach, one gives credit that a version armed of the aircraft not yet is in service, using it, currently, only in the function of detention of threats. Moreover, the Chinese operate few units of the model. Another aircraft of anti-submarine war is HAMC SH-5. With unbalanced edge sensors, although the good reach of the good load capacity, beyond being in service in lowermost amount, the aircraft little represents in the Chinese capacity of anti-submarine war.

Of the few trustworthy information on the aircraft of operational war and electronic intelligence in the PLAAF, it is possible to affirm that these possess inferior equipment to the available ones to the European Air Force or American. It has years the Air Force of China comes trying to develop an aircraft endowed with System of Alert Airborne control (in English, Airborne Warning and System Control, AWACS). Such system in such a way makes possible a much more efficient control of the airspace how much of the airborne operations and command and control, being essential in the scenes of aerial war of this century. The Chinese attempts to endow the aircraft Y-8 and Il-76 (of Russian manufacture) with systems with Israeli and Swedish origin (specifically for the first model of aircraft cited in this last case) seem to be having success.

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