Abkhazian Svaneti

That's really not one hundred different countries, including the Russian empire, are fighting for dominance in the Caucasus. Each other and against the peoples of the Caucasus. The latest bout the whole world watched in August 2008. As in the past, and present the outcome battles in favor of one side or the other depends on a variety of interpretations, not the actual state of affairs. This is not surprising. Politics and history packed with lies. This lie is often called an ideology. War, as yet Clausewitz said, is a continuation of politics by other means.

And so it is largely composed of deception and disinformation. In the light of military action was the beginning of August with excess dirt and all sorts of lies. Until now, different evaluated these actions. In Russia, the official propaganda claims that Georgia suffered a crushing defeat, "the Georgian fascists" had been "forced into peace." In Georgia, say that for Russia, the events of August were at best the case of "Pyrrhic victory". Indeed. What, in fact, Russia has won? Is in Abkhazia and the so-called South Ossetia before the above events were not openly pro-Russian regimes? Little has changed. Well, maybe found that poor control of the Abkhazian Svaneti. But this is hardly the separatist authorities in Abkhazia will be able to convince the Svan not consider themselves Georgians, and that the Russian presence on ancestral lands of the Georgian legally and simply God's gift. I would like to note that "happy Soviet era," many Soviet and Russian-speaking and mostly living outside of Georgia, not even heard about any of Abkhazia, and the more of Svaneti.

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