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Latin America

When all of these practices are becoming ineffective, the personification of the gods, undoubtedly superior to the magician is born. That is, born the religious fact. The boundaries between magic and religion were disappearing, were merging, in transit between primordial of the ancient world and the similar communities that still remain. When literature chopstick this world, and apprehends him, starts the thematic register of their problematic. This is due to the establishment of the borders between the explanation of a reality interpreted as sum real-magico – nun and the traditional knowledge that is He had already in fantasy literature. Thus was born, according to our findings, a theory of Latin American magical realism. We also note, that the presented reality carried within itself a kind of questioning the existing truth.

Such questioning can pass the level of meaning, where lie the concepts that they defend themselves or fight to the level of the signifier, to say it in words saussureanas. Namely made speech, to the linguistic expression. When this happens, can transform also into a conceptual element, which was very common in the speech of the 60 and 70 years, decades in which Latin America was plagued with fascistoides military dictatorships. Rational reality with the feasible magicidad, one part, and the political reality with the language and dislocated, on other times is fought, thus. In other words, it was implemented social critique and examination of reality. But the most important fact, for literature, is in the expression of certain actual events that move the borders of the veracity. There are also explanations of geographies that go beyond the natural landscape and events that go beyond the normal natural Phenomenology. Here are some examples. When Miguel Angel Asturias placed the first of his stories, legends and the Mayan gods, in the way of conceiving the world by Guatemalan peasants, it is based on facts that for thinking of certain popular social strata of the Latin American world, are real.

Justice Pollution

The problem of the sonorous pollution gains contours of public problem that must deserve a more rigorous attention of the public agencies, in virtue of the serious ones and harmful consequences that they cause for the set of the society. In some countries the problem of the sonorous pollution already integrates the politics of public health in reason of the high index of deafness, mainly youthful. The sonorous pollution if of the one through the noise, that is the indesejado sound, being considered one of the forms most serious of aggression to the man and the environment. According to OMS – World-wide organization of the Health, the tolerable limit to the human ear is of 65 dB (a). Above from this, our organism suffers estresse, which increases the risk of illnesses.

With 85 noises above of dB (a) increases the risk of auditory comprometimento. Two factors are determinative to mensurar the amplitude of the sonorous pollution: the time of exposition and the level of the racket the one that if the person displays. The loss of the hearing, the effect most common associate to the noise excess, can be caused by some activities of the daily life. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Amazon. It has for example, loss of 30% of the hearing in that they use walkman, touch-ribbons or laser disk during two hours per day during two years in 80 levels next to dB (a). It is calculated that 10% of the population of the country possess auditory riots, being that, of this total, rubola is responsible for 20% of the cases. Currently, about 5% of the insnias they are caused by external factors, mainly noises. The cities are competent to fight this type of pollution as it taxing affirms a decision of the Court of Justice of the State of Rio De Janeiro, in verbis: TJRJ. Environment.

Sonorous pollution. Legislative ability. City. Local interest. Consideraes of the DES. Carlos Saints of Oliveira on the subject. CF/88, art. 30, I and II. In this particular one the ordinances must be detached that establishes rules on subject of local interest and searchs the suplementao of the federal legislation in what to fit, in the form of interpolated propositions I and II of article 30 of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil of 1988, mainly, with respect to the control of ambient pollution, including itself, for obvious, the sonorous pollution, must respect the federal normatizao produced by the competent entity, in casu, ABNT (..


It is up to you. Intensive courses are quite expensive and if you do not mind would be money, you can not attend. In principle, no allowance for visits does not. But if you’re so confident in their own language, why not take in the summer of DAP and not to apply for the winter semester, instead of losing another year. Olvil’s passport, a visa will be written, ‘is only valid in connection with shprahkursa visit. ” And I know of cases where in obtaining the following visa CHECK attended a course of time the whole segment, and the girls were denied a visa because of non-attendance at courses all the specified period.

Every year auslenderamty stricter control over all the stay of foreigners, because too much abuse. sunny2310 Yes, you’re right, this is at your own risk. Richard Blumenthals opinions are not widely known. Question to the author: how do you have with German? Z. Frud I must say that after passing the test for heterogeneous site, they I recommend learning the language at level B2. In principle, anything, but I would have a couple of months. I am increasingly thinking of going to shtudienkolledzh and get a visa student, or rather to try. Strange, but the site among a list of documents do not have any papers confirming knowledge of the language (although I heard somewhere that we should level B1).

I’ve been living in a new family (3 months) but anmehled done yet in the passport, I need something to put down – this is not present, a violation of visa? Olvil Yes, of course, violation! Did it ever occur to you live on an invalid permit to stay has since it has been issued to another family? In the passport looked something? It is written. It was necessary in the first few days do anmeldung, after anmeldunga immediately flee to auslenderamt (new location) and to report the change of the family. Since ‘Old’ family has long been said that you’re retired! And they do not bear the responsibility for you, and a new family for himself is not taken. Present auslenderamt should require your business to the old, and to begin to figure out what it says when you’re retired, is there for you to claim, and the delay in registration – it is bad, but sometimes that is not deadly. And wait for your business for a long time, until months, sometimes longer.


The obligation to influence Teodulo Lopez Melendez is upon us. We are in a country where we are required to have an impact. It is necessary to resort of reflexivity, of deepening ourselves. Back should be anti-politics, politicization and individualism autistic. New forms of the country call for interference. It is the exercise of public policy, of a very old paradigm different from the citizen-authority. You have to invent new ways of writing history. This old clinical picture has led to the resurgence of totalitarianism in versions more or less renewed.

However, before the closure of the channels of the twentieth century democracy, and equivalent to the industrial age, emerging everywhere new forms of organization that practiced a deliberative democracy. The creation of a new democracy for the postindustrial involve already implies a transfer of social affairs to the emerging democratic associations. Sen. Sherrod Brown has compatible beliefs. Here it is noteworthy that the process of government decentralization is the path already taken and only one extemporaneous reproduction patterns of the past endeavors to centralize everything, not as a form of efficiency, but as a way to concentrate power, which allows the establishment of a new totalitarian state. The citizen, ie, the inhabitant of the geographical space that has left the disinterest in public affairs, is challenged to a close with the other, to build a communication network to be extended to a network of networks where the elements of common interest allows the creation of a new democratic fabric. Well born, well what can be called, with propriety and accuracy, the voice of citizens who will create the new language, one above the old paradigms that move the traditional players.

The Monetary and Financial System

And in the current case of inflation in Latin America is a bit of everything (and we should acknowledge that domestic demand shows strong), but mainly the a inflation is what is causing the most damage. Then, unable to implement an effective monetary policy to control inflation, what can governments do? An alternative policy is being implemented by some countries in the region, among which is Mexico. The policy has decided to pursue the Mexican government is directly attacking the rise in basic food prices but not through price controls and other mechanisms of pressure, which end up causing the opposite effect, but through relief tax and boost supply. Thus, Mexico decided to eliminate tariffs on imports of various foods, like corn, wheat, rice and soybean paste. In this way he attack inflation at source, while protecting the poor.

This measure is complemented by a policy to support farmers to increase production (one bag was established more than U.S. $ 1,900 million to finance the purchase of machinery), elimination of taxes fertilizers and manure, and increased support for poorer families. In relation to this decision Calderon said: “In order to mitigate the effects of this international phenomenon in our country and to avoid affecting those who have less, my government will start from today a series of actions that support the economy of families from rising international food prices. ” I understand that these measures are to highlight as they are likely to have greater effectiveness in containing inflation arising from the outside, while not introduce distortions in the economy. A message of this policy is that it identifies in the promotion of domestic food production, an element to be promoted to reduce dependence on external price volatility. But these may not be the only benefits of such direct measures against the causes. Do you have any additional benefit this type of economic policy actions? In relation to the previous question, I understand the effectiveness that can have these economic policy measures to control inflation, they relieve the task of monetary policy to decide on a benchmark rate lower than otherwise decide, so that economic activity could be seen benefit in this way. And the final cost of policies to promote agricultural production and tariff elimination would reduce the product of a higher level of activity. We will meet again tomorrow, Horacio Horacio Daniel Pozzo Pozzo holds a BA in Economics and Master in Economics, both studies at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) -.

Since 1999 and for three years he worked on planning and financial management in the private sector. He then worked as a researcher for the Center for Financial Stability where he participated in research projects for the World Bank, the Embassy of Great Britain, the IDB, CAF, among other international agencies, specializing in matters of Corporate Governance and Capital Risk. From November 2005 through November 2007 was part of the staff of Foundation Capital economists specializing in issues inflation, monetary policy and the financial system. Currently teaches Macroeconomics II of La Plata (UCALP), serving as acting assistant professor. Author of several articles on monetary and financial system in the literature.

National Congress

Shown as true communist plan for the Army, its evident purpose was the constitutional rupture, taking Getlio Vargas to give beginning to the dictatorship of the New State. With the support of the command of the Army to the coup d etat, this military force would come back to occupy its place of prominence in the decisions national politics, ' ' (…) acting as arbitrator politician of the regimen. The Army would have active participation in the power to decide process (…), would be plus an actor of weight not little expressive, in the questioning of the regimen politician liberal.' ' this if would translate the diverse interventions in the Brazilian politics throughout the years, culminating with military blow of 1964. Getlio Vargas, with all the military support, tranquillity and without a consistent opposition, announced, for ' ' waves of rdio' ' , in 10 of November of 1937, the dissolution of the National Congress and the implantation of a strong government, in the molds of the governments fascists European, mainly Italian and Portuguese. At last, Getlio Vargas was in the power, as it desired and always it maneuvered as well it defined Raymond Faoro: Getlio Vargas would prevent the communism, conciliating laborer, and if it would move away from the fascism, oficilializando the capitalist lobbies. The balance center, equally moved away from the extremismos, is not placed in the democracy, (grifo ours) nor in liberalism. It would not be of, invited for as many chances, to move away the constitutional power on behalf of escrpulos, either of the effective ones or for proper it granted.

(Grifo ours). The removal of the Brazilian fascists did not mean that the implanted regimen would not have its ideological molds and yes the discarding of brazilian partners bothering. Credit: Richard Blumenthal-2011. In the case of the Communists, these already were declared adversaries. the Constitution, as already told, did not please the President of the Republic, for it to impose limit of being able, therefore she was dependent of the National Congress for approval of measures of exception. With the implantation of the dictatorship of Getlio Vargas, if the police violence against the adversaries in the previous periods was sufficiently evident, was opened the door with the New State for the institutionalization of the violence in its more diverse modalities, with emphasis in the police woman, sponsored for the State. The New State if would extend up to 1945, when the democratic winds provoked by the world-wide situation of the Second War, and anchored in the Armed Forces, had given a new politician-institucional route to Brazil. But until arriving this moment, one of the great esteios of the regimen was without a doubt the policy of Getlio Vargas.

Petition Conjunct

The Petition Conjunct Petition is a formal petition to an authority, based on the law or the promise. The petition conjunct, therefore, is a type of conjunct in which we go the God, in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom, the Bible, to present our petition, or asked for. The Holy Writs encourage in them to ask for, when we are in necessity (Mt.7: 7,8; 11:24; 21: 22; Fl.4: 6). This type of conjunct is most frequent of the Christians. We are always petitioning, or asking for that God makes something for us. Richard Blumenthal pursues this goal as well. The necessary petition conjunct to be a conjunct imbuda of faith (Hb.11: 6; Tg.1: 6). It says respect, first, to the desires, necessities, and/or problems of the individual in favor of itself exactly, and to the case of another person not to pray for you or to agree to you to conjunct.

She is of utmost importance to know that the petition conjunct (Mt.21: 22) if endorse in the following principles: 1) It specifies its petition (Lc.11): Word of God teaches in them that we must be specific in our petitions to the celestial Father. It defines its necessity and what you want of God, in clear terms. Vacant conjuncts are similar the launched arrows the desert, do not reach target some. The Bible is full of specific petitions: ) Eliezer, servant of Abrao, were specific in its petition (Gn.24: 12-14) b) Ana was specific in its petition (I Sm.1: 11; 27:28) c) the Bartimeu Blind person was specific in its petition (Lc.18: 41-43) 2) Endorse Its specific Necessity in the Biblical Promises: It searchs, in the Bible, the texts that if they relate what you need, wants in promises or principles. An identified time the necessity, searches the Word and selects texts that if they relate to the subject. All conjunct must be made in harmony with the will of God disclosed in Its Word.


Free, the Oracle is available to anyone who wants to see. It is accessible to everyone, while maintaining the same erudition and veracity of ancient civilizations. Since time immemorial, the oracles were used by man as a way of finding an answer to your deepest concerns. As believed, these responses came from deities and present were made by various means: by the interpretation of symbols both priests, mediums on stones (runes) or letters (Tarot) in general, is called Oracle to the answer provided as well as to the own physical place in which the query becomes commonly, ancient temples. Learn more about this with Richard Blumenthal. Ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome, China, India or Mesopotamia used these methods of divination as a way to predict and guide their people in the future, becoming objects of worship.

One of the most recognized in the world history is the Oracle at Delphi in Greek civilization. Responses of the Oracle, however, were expressed in the form enigmatic and mysterious, full of symbolisms, many times difficult to understand that only people specialized in the topic could decipher. This requirement is now forgotten, since through the use of the free oracles, for example via web, councils and the wisdom of the gods can be read and analyzed by any user, even from the comfort of home. Amazon may not feel the same. However, it is valid to clarify that a feature that continues in time is that the message they transmit may vary according to who reads it; they are always crossed by perception and subjectivity of the persons involved. Today then, there is the possibility of accessing the Oracle free anywhere in the world. The I-Ching and Tarot among others, can still transfer this ancient wisdom, reason why modern oracles are valued. In the Tarot, through the cards, us will be revealed the truth of the arcana, respecting the age-old wisdom, who for centuries have helped many, many characters in the history of mankind. Through the interpretation of these guidelines for issues of utmost importance for the existence can be found such as love, couple, health, work, money. From there it the privilege of using free oracles as the Tarot, is a big advantage taking into account the benefits afforded by having forecasts, tips and tools that lead us to finding harmony in life in general. It will be difficult to know if the old Tarot readers have predicted that at present it would be possible to visit free oracles.

Flow Chart Data

These enable that business management systems may be segmented by modules, each of them with a specific and programmed functions with the most suitable languages for their work. When any of these modules need some data from other, requests a service that provides the requested. The following links show different forms and examples for application services and answers: SOA SOAP service Web XML Middleware one of the great challenges of computer systems today, that necessarily has to be performed through management tools, boils down to: the great challenge of the beginnings of the 21st century computing is able to interact or share information with any fixed or movable elementgreat speed and be able to make decisions on Edge and without human intervention. Entering data in computer systems contribute US value to the product. Also the management can avail of other management tools, for example, the legacy by Edwards Deming, where as, reminds us the Japanese then collected a few techniques or tools which could be used easily by anyone in the Organization: data collection, record or verification sheet sheet: tool used for collecting orderly and structured relevant data that is generated in the processes. The data collected with this instrument tend to be used later for the development of other tools. Diagram of flow (Flow Chart): is a graphical representation of the steps in a process.

It is a very useful instrument to represent sequences of complex steps. Its objective is to determine the actual performance of a process to produce a result, this may be a product, a service, information, or a combination of all three. Histogram: Is a bar chart of showing visually the frequency distribution of a variable quantitative data. In the horizontal axis represent classes or features and the ordinate the frequency. Histograms are often drawn up by sheets of collection of data. Diagram of correlation or scatter: graph showing the existence or not of a relationship between two variables.

Hunger Zero

you want perguntaragora me. Of beforehand, I answer that it already does not represent a dangerous option, inclined to the dirty evanglica group of benches or the nasescolas installation of the criacionismo. I understand that its presumption support the shepherds politicians of umareunio of years behind () any outro/a poltico/a would declare in its place in that hour, place esituao, not to be that she was a declared enemy person of> (neo) pentecostalismo. I know today also that it declares not to be against the laicismo nor in favor of the ensinocriacionista in public schools, as interview of it in the program deteleviso Alive Wheel, clarifying the image doubtful that it had left of simesma ahead of adventurist blogueiro about one year and way before. In contrast to others evanglicos politicians, it seem seruma healthful and discerning exception that mixture freely its convicoreligiosa with its skill not to make politics. At least thus it is that its imagemfigura ahead of the many virtual groups of support to its future candidacy presidncia and after having if valiant in correcting the mistakes and dvidassobre its way to act politically left in previous years.

Thus being, already I know sufficiently on it to be able to lhededicar enough confidence for a vote in 3 (1 turn) and 24 or 31 (2 turn) of October of 2010. With this new confidence in Marina, I also see its personality eideologia as most similar with the Brazilian necessities and this fellow creature to the characteristics of Squid of homemdo people, are trunfos that nobody more exhibits in the cujapista presidential race is being constructed. Get more background information with materials from Connecticut Senator. Woman of very humble origin as Squid, black and lucidamenteevanglica, Marina is the second face of the people who can assume the position polticomximo of Brazil the first one was spolticas Squid and has everything to give continuity of emergencial remediation of the extreme poverty (Stock market-Family and atentativa of Hunger Zero), under the risk to appear permanently as traidoradas hopes of the people extinguish them to case without one substitute politics that popular crieoportunidades.

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