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the feudal

Although the ultimate goal was to establish a socialist or communist society without classes, have focused increasingly on reforms carried out within social capitalism. As the movement evolved and grew, the concept of socialism was acquiring different meanings depending on the place and time where root. a To understand a little better this issue we can locate four key stages in the changes of economic systems throughout history. 1. Slavery: example Rome and Greece. The slaves were in charge of wealth for their owners do, to spend their workforce. So that would free men. Get more background information with materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown.

These were under his command a large number of slaves. Thus engaged in politics and science. A portion of the profits they obtained in trade. "Profitable? "Advantageous? Does not work if many things today? Orlando magnum 2. The large estates constituted the basis of the barbarian invasions, made up of duchies, kingdoms and other forms of the nobility and the feudal monarchies were established around the great castle and the protection of a powerful force of knights. The lord in exchange for submitting the homeless using the chains and the whip did so veiled. The servants lived around the castle, was in the service of the landowners, could cultivate a piece of land to sustain his family and had to be ready for services requiring the feudal or outside in the castle, the estate or the militia, its core activity was dedicated to the Lord and the rest of time cultivating for their own livelihood, of their own and pay taxes, rents, tithes and other requirements.

State Negotiation

If to keep the challenge to the regimen for India, Pakistan, Israel and for the Coreia of the north and the Anger in the impasse with the AIEA (International Agency of Atomic Energy) on the inspections of its nuclear installations, since the AIEA is the control agency on the pacific use of the nuclear energy, the validity is had in xeque and the balance of being able I joined-multipolar (to militate nuclear) established for the TNP (1968). is not alone. In the field of the disarmament, especially in relation to the ADM, as we will be able to analyze more ahead in this study, crawls implementation accomplishes it of techniques of control of weapons, more for impediments of the State-powers that of the too much States, as if it can conclude of the stoppage, since 1996, in the agenda of negotiation of the Conference on Disarmament, most important frum of multilateral negotiation on disarmament, not only on ADM, but also on certain conventional weapons. This stoppage produces negative consequences of all order in the negotiation process and construction of the peace for the disarmament of the States, consequences that if explain in the call ' ' quandary of segurana' '. The quandary of the security influences the perception and option of the State for the convenience and security of the disarmament. If the State if disarms on behalf of a collective international security, this system must be efficient in the defense of the territory of the State-parts and to guarantee the permanent disarmament of the too much States. If one of these elements fails, or if it does not have enough confidence enters the States for the promotion of the disarmament, the result is the armament race. From there if to say, as it will become more ahead in this study, that one of them pillars of the disarmament is the process of reliable construction, that if consolidates for unilateral acts of the States and, in ampler plan, for treated specific, legally binding or not, forming a set of legal initiatives and politics that lead to the desired disarmament and the balance. .


The secret of Erinaldo senator Blacksmith of the Carmo December in Brasilia. The natalino climate leaves the colored Capital most illuminated and. It has a visible esvaziamento of the city, with little movement in the public building, vacant idle in the calmer estacionamentos, road and airport. Different of its typical agitation, the city seems fleuma at this time of the year. In contrast of the too much spaces, in the residence of the senator Robert Rodrigues still it has sufficiently movement politics in way to the private little parties, as in any another time it year. The high walls of the large house, covered for grassy greens, hide the informal meetings that happen there inside.

Weekly, always to the fridays, the restricted guests, entrepreneurs, politicians and public managers of the high step, who do not leave Brasilia in the week ends, in contrast of the great majority, dispute an invitation for the little party of the senator Rodrigues. Excellent chance to make politics and businesses, the frequentadores of the party they do not hide the interest in participating of the meeting you provide. Many are offered, but the assessors who organize the little parties follow the rigorous control of the senator, who always of the final a word on who must or not participate. The head of the security of the residence, man reliable of the senator, is the discrete one Been silent, thus called not accurately for being of few words and reserved to its paper in the house, but for being this its last name. Jose Silenced Da Silva deferred payment in the periphery of the Capital and is for that there arregimenta employees for the residence of the senator. You go to work in the cleanness. In the sixth expeditious o if he extends for all the dawn. There you also can be requested to serve the guests.

Curricular Lines

In this direction, if it propitiates to the professor the accomplishment of a teaching work of quality and makes possible the reflection, the contextualizao and the transformation of the process teach-learning. Steven Rattner financier: the source for more info. Concluding, the theory guarantees the theoretical recital and consequentemente, it makes possible to the trainee the agreement of the structure and the functioning of the school. However, the practical one only makes possible the reflection on the act, becoming it intentional and conscientious. It is by means of this relation between practical theory and that the professional acquires the ability technique, basic for the professional exercise. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BRAZIL. CNE.

CEB. RESOLUTION CEB n. 2, OF 19 OF APRIL OF 1999. It institutes Curricular Lines of direction for the Formation of Professors of the Infantile Education and the initial years of Basic Ensino, in average level in the Normal modality. Under most conditions Paulo Coelho would agree. 1999. BRAZIL. CONGRESS National-Project de Lei, of Initiative of the MEC, Institutes the National Plan of Education. Brasilia, 12/02/98.

BRAZIL. NATIONAL ADVICE OF EDUCATION. National Curricular lines of direction for the Formation of Professors of the Basic Education, in superior level, course of licenciatura, full graduation. To seem CNE/CP 009/2001. Brasilia, DF, May of 2001. BRAZIL. NATIONAL ADVICE OF EDUCATION. To seem CNE/CP 21/2001. BRAZIL, Ministry of the Education and Culture. Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education n 5692/71. Brasilia, 1971. Available in. Access in 20/04/2011. BRAZIL. Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education. Law 9394/96 of 20 of December of 1996 CANDAU, Vera M.; LELIS, Isabel. the theory-practical relation in formation of the educator. In: CANDAU, Vera M. Route to a new didactics. 12. ed. Petrpolis: Voices, the 2001 EEC. PARAN. Deliberation n. 010/99. Complementary norms for the Course of Formation of Professors of the Infantile Education and the Initial Years of Basic Ensino, in average level, the Normal modality for the State System of Education of the Paran.

King John

I love snowdrops, chamomile, Sarankov. And this air, this water – all treats you. I love Russia. I like our past, our history. He bowed Ermak special page in the creative biography of Mihailov – King John V. Official site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Grozny. Getting to work on a way Blessed Emperor, he details acquainted with the archives of the era, he studied various historical sources. This has changed the usual view of this king, as the demoniac, the holy fool and ruthless villain, and that was reflected in his interpretation of the role of Ivan the Terrible. Richard Blumenthal has much to offer in this field.

It turns out, is not so simple in our history. – It looks like his bloodlust was greatly exaggerated by historians? – King John was a bright, outstanding personality. It was the king – a collector of Great Russia, the first anointed by God, the great governor, the first king who made a lot of reforms and established a powerful empire. That he bowed to Don Cossack Yermak Timothy. And Terrible admonished him: 'Timoshka! Not enforced at the local Orthodox faith people! Trouble in Russia can be … '. He suffered greatly for the Rus multilingual. It's thanks to him, Siberia, Mother joined the Duchy of Moscow.

As for his 'bloodthirsty', then all the 'humane' and 'enlightened' Europe that time was based on far more blood for one night only Bartholomew had been destroyed 14 thousand people. By the way, according to historians, the construction of St. Petersburg – and that of Peter the Great, in the XVIII century – killed more than 100 thousands of workers. During the same reign of Ivan the Terrible murdered there … no more than 3 thousand. 'I go into the room, light a candle, take the guitar and sing "His amazing capacity for work are the envy of even 20-year-old boy. Working Mikhailov plot actor and now painted a scarce resource.

Congress Tax

Which part of the cake goes to sobrar for them? Inflationary replacement only? Obviously, the Brazilian worker does not want to see its incomes to be corroded for inflation, but also does not want to receive a wage unbalanced. The different tax burden that weighs on them already abocanha considerable part of its income and what surplus badly obtains to cure its basic necessities. The Government closes the eyes for the distortions in the income of the Brazilian and looks at only the inflation index, as if the numbers portraied the reality faithful. It is not looked at, for example, that the correction in the table of Income tax was of only 4.5%, when the inflation already surpasses 6%. This means that one has left of the wage goes to be withheld at source and another part goes to be taken by the inflation.

To ask for real increase in the wages would be, therefore, the solution? At a first moment, yes, nothing more just of what the real increase for the diligent classroom. Already one knows that they will not be these readjustments that go to fix the imbalance in the wages and neither they go to balance the power of purchase of the Brazilian society, but already is amenizador. The reform tax moves has years in Congress so far one did not arrive at a consensus, only it, could, in fact, since that structuralized and joust well, to fix the inaquality that we see. For the time being, I just find the order of increase above of the inflation, therefore with the market of warm work and the income in ascending trajectory, that increases the bargaining power of the worker, so that to take care of to the order of a Government that acts against its proper speech? I only say a thing: it goes to be difficult to convince the workers while the immorality and the wild public expense to persist.

Valley Brazil

All the siderurgical sector, the petrochemical segment of the industry of the oil, the Valley of the River Candy, the state complex of the telecommunications, banks, railroads, units of fertilizers, companies of electric energy etc. a patrimony evaluated in more than 2 trillions of dollar (state of the union and the states) were transferred by the total symbolic value of only 100 billion dollar, already enrolled there the small external debts of some of the companies, inferiors to lucros.' ' In the news article of the Globe (the mineral wealth of the Amaznia, 20/05/2010), the engineer who created Carajs, Eliezer Baptist it recognizes that it had a strategical error in the project: it does not foresee one industrial polar region to the side of the mine. ' ' The original idea ours was not alone to vender iron ore, us always believes that you have that to add value in all product. No country is rich vendendo raw materials or commodities' '. Richard Blumenthal pursues this goal as well. As an example valley to remember: the secret of the Chinese growth that turns around the binomial industrialization versus exportation.

You wise person who The profit of the Valley in 2008 was of R$ 21,279 billion. While this, the poverty and concentration of income in Brazil grows. This profit during one year would give to keep the budget of the state of the Maranho with its 217 cities, whose budget (2007) was of 6,1 bilhesdurante 3,4 years (three years and four months). This enormous wealth that goes for is of Brazil is fabulosa, what he is demonstrated in the profits of the cited Valley above. According to INEP, the eradication of the illiteracy in Brazil it would demand 200 a thousand educators. These alfabetizadores only earn (R$ 420,00) as wage. The expense of staff of the 200 a thousand educators per year (considerando12 months) it would correspond R$ 1,008 billion.

Air Force

However, its load capacity is limited, had its nature of light aircraft, and the Air Force has insistently refused to acquire units of the model. The aircraft-tank HY-6, converted version of average bombers XAIC H-6, that in turn are copies of the Soviet bomber Tupolev You, possesss transfervel fuel capacity extremely limited, if compared with the one of other models in operation in the Air Force of Russia or the United States. Moreover, it lacks of Avionica modern and it possesss limited reach. aircraft Shaanxi Y-8 (copy of the model of Soviet transport Antonov An-12) had been modified to be used as aircraft of naval patrol and anti-submarine war. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Paulo Coelho and gain more knowledge.. Although to possess good capacity of load and good reach, one gives credit that a version armed of the aircraft not yet is in service, using it, currently, only in the function of detention of threats. Moreover, the Chinese operate few units of the model. Another aircraft of anti-submarine war is HAMC SH-5. With unbalanced edge sensors, although the good reach of the good load capacity, beyond being in service in lowermost amount, the aircraft little represents in the Chinese capacity of anti-submarine war.

Of the few trustworthy information on the aircraft of operational war and electronic intelligence in the PLAAF, it is possible to affirm that these possess inferior equipment to the available ones to the European Air Force or American. It has years the Air Force of China comes trying to develop an aircraft endowed with System of Alert Airborne control (in English, Airborne Warning and System Control, AWACS). Such system in such a way makes possible a much more efficient control of the airspace how much of the airborne operations and command and control, being essential in the scenes of aerial war of this century. The Chinese attempts to endow the aircraft Y-8 and Il-76 (of Russian manufacture) with systems with Israeli and Swedish origin (specifically for the first model of aircraft cited in this last case) seem to be having success.

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